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Paratech Knowledge Centre

A full resource centre for everything you need to know on our Paratech product line up, including Strut Systems, Stabilization Kits, Airbags and more!

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Vehicle Stabilization

Paratech manufactures shoring systems to stabilize anything from a single passenger vehicle to a derailed locomotive. Paratech offers four major vehicle stabilization systems, the AcmeThread Strut System, the LongShore Strut System, the quick-action Supporter and the hybrid shoring / hydraulic lifting strut system HydraFusion Strut. In combination with Paratech’s strut accessories and air lifting bags there is almost no stabilization or lifting scenario Paratech equipment can’t handle.

Supporter X2

Designed as the perfect balance between ease of use, quick deployment and maximum capability, the Supporter X2 is the world’s best All-In-One vehicle stabilizer. The Supporter X2 threaded strut extends to 65.4 in (166,1 cm) with a simple twist of the locking collar, and locks by releasing the collar. With the attached extension, the shore can reach up 95.4 in (242,3 cm) with 10,000 lb (4535 kg) load capacity at a 2:1 safety factor.

With the Supporter X2’s integrated ratchet belt, it is quick and easy to set up vehicle stabilization. Simply place the strut, extend the spike base into a purchase point on the vehicle, attach the ratchet belt, and tighten it down. The Supporter X2 can stabilize almost any personal vehicle to light duty truck in a matter of seconds.

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Standard Vehicle Stabilization Kit

The Standard Vehicle Stabilization Kit (VSK) has a maximum load of up to 40,000 lbs (18.144 kg) with a 4:1 safety factor. This kit can cover everything from small vehicles to large commercial/municipal vehicles. With its two struts and up to 3 ft (91 cm) of extensions and high load capacity, the Standard VSK can create an A-Frame stabilization triangle to limit load shift during rescues on nearly any sized vehicle. With 4 specialty ratchet straps and the 12″ (30 cm) hinged base with anchor ring, you can attach two straps to each base, giving a second stability triangle connecting the strut base to the load. J-Hooks are provided to ensure you can find purchase points. The Multi-Base can attach to the vehicle through the sharp contact points on either side, cradle a vehicle purchase point in its V-shaped design, or even attach through a chain sling. The Standard VSK is an exceptional starting point for any rescue team looking to improve it’s stabilization options in vehicle rescues.

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Rapid Extrication Kit

The Rapid Extrication Kit is a powerful combination of the Multiforce Remote Placement Kit and the Standard Vehicle Stabilization Kit. It combines the powerful lifting capabilities of the Multiforce Air Lifting Bag with a comprehensive stabilization kit. With two stabilization struts, ratchet belts, multiple extensions, J-hooks, and the Multi-base, the Rapid Extrication kit is capable of creating strong triangulated support on anything from light passenger vehicles to tractor-trailers.

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Interstate Vehicle Stabilization Kit

The Interstate Vehicle Stabilization Kit (VSK) has a maximum load of up to 120,000 lbs (54.431 kg) with a 4:1 safety factor. This kit is designed to stabilize multiple industrial or commercial vehicles in complex collision scenarios.

With its LongShore Rescue Struts and up to 4 ft (122 cm) of extensions, the Interstate VSK can reach up to 14ft (4,3 m) to find purchase on vehicle high points. With the LongShore Rescue Struts exceptional strength at longer lengths, stabilizing even loaded concrete mixers is possible.

Click here to go to the Paratech Interstate Stabilization Kit product page.

Hydra Fusion

The Paratech HydraFusion Struts offer end users the ability to lift up to 10 U.S. Tons with a safety factor of 2:1 and to stabilize up to 20,000 lbs. with a safety factor of 4:1. The innovative, built in Dual Shaft End Adapter (patent pending) allows users to safely use Paratech LongShore, LockStroke or AcmeThread Struts and Extensions in conjunction with the incredible lifting ability of the HydraFusion Strut.

Click here to go to the Paratech Hydra Fusion product page.

Highway Stabilization Kit

The Highway Vehicle Stabilization Kit (VSK) has a maximum load of up to 80,000 lbs (36.287 kg) with a 4:1 safety factor. Doubling the capacity of the Standard VSK, this kit is designed for multiple vehicles, longer reach and heavier weights such as a fully-loaded tractor-trailer.

With its 4 struts and up to 3 ft (91 cm) of extensions for each strut, the Highway VSK can create 2 A-Frame stabilization triangles to limit load shift during rescues on nearly any sized vehicle. With 2 strut sizes and 3 sizes of extensions, the Highway VSK can reach up to 8ft to find purchase points to stabilize tall vehicles.

Click here to go to the Paratech Highway Stabilization Kit product page.

Air Lifting Bags

Paratech provides the highest quality Air Lifting Bag products on the market that combine peak performance with impeccable safety and smart ‘ease of use’ features. Paratech produces three Air Lifting Bag systems, each with different capabilities. A line up of The Maxiforce Air Lifting Bags, Multiforce Air Lifting Bags, and Rescue Air Cushions, accompanied by the Air Lifting Bag Pneumatic Control Equipment, make Paratech the industry leader in Air Lifting Bag technology.

MultiForce Air Lifting Bag

Paratech’s Multiforce Air Lifting Bag takes lifting to a whole new level. Integrating the latest technology with a unique understanding of lifting, Paratech has designed the Multiforce Air Lifting Bag to exceed expectations. Ease of use and speed of deployment make the Multiforce Air Lifting Bag an obvious choice whether the goal is saving lives or lifting locomotives. Paratech’s patent-pending design ensures that the high lift of this system can get into the tightest places possible, while the innovative remote lifting base keeps personnel safely away from the load when positioning the Multiforce Air Lifting Bag. A dual-stage feature keeps the load steady as the bag inflates so load drift is minimized and safety relief valves are integrated into the bag itself making over-inflation completely impossible. No mechanical coupling between air chambers means a stronger and safer lift. The remote lifting base doubles as a storage device keeping the bag safe and making it extremely easy to store.

Click here to go to the Paratech MultiForce Air Lifting Bag product page.

MaxiForce Air Lifting Bag

The MaxiForce® Air Lifting Bag is a thin, strong, molded envelope available in 14 different sizes. It is made from 3 layers of Neoprene covered Aramid fiber reinforcement and has the power to lift, move or shift weights up to 89 tons (80.9 metric tons) per bag. Control equipment and components play a critical role in successful lifting bag use and unlike other lifting bag systems, Paratech manufactures all of its major control components. This assures the quality of the lifting bag system from inflation to deflation.

Click here to go to the Paratech MaxiForce Air Lifting Bag product page.

Rescue Air Cushions

The Paratech Rescue Air Cushion is a medium pressure system designed for high lift requirements of non-reinforced broad surfaces found on trucks, vans and light aircraft. Using lower lifting pressures and a broad, flat lifting surface, the Rescue Air Cushion is a versatile lifting tool perfect for situations needing high lifts or where point loading a surface is unacceptable.

Cushions are also used by collapse rescue teams to fill voids and regain support for Rescue Struts, wall braces and shoring. With a maximum lift height up to 40 inches (102 cm), Rescue Air Cushions are available in 4 sizes.

A soft footprint allows placement on soft and uneven terrain, with a contact area exceeding lifting height. Constructed with a highly durable contact area, Rescue Air Cushions have Neoprene coated exterior and interior reinforcement belts. Rescue Air Cushions can be inflated using a variety of compressed air sources including industrial compressed air, compressed air storage cylinders, air brake systems and portable blowers.

Structural Shoring

Paratech offers two US&R kits, the US&R Rescue Strut System and the Light US&R Rescue Strut System. Both US&R kits are built to construct a wide variety of structural shores, including T-Spot Shores, Horizontal Shores, Vertical Shores, Rakers, Window Shores and more, including cross-bracing support. The US&R Kits also contain all of the necessary equipment for pneumatically extending struts and load indicators to monitor for any shifts or movements in shored areas.

Light US&R Rescue Strut System

This system affords the rescuer the ability to tackle most structural collapse scenarios. The system includes (1) 6’ Raker set and numerous Rescue Struts and components which would be a great start to any Fire Department looking to be more involved in structural collapse incidents.

Click here to go to the Paratech Light US&R Rescue Strut System product page.

US&R Rescue Strut System

The US&R Rescue Strut System is one of the most complete structural collapse systems available, and has been standardized by the FEMA US&R teams. For any team serious about Urban Search & Rescue, this is the system to make it happen. The system includes (2) 6’ Raker sets and numerous Rescue Struts and components to handle almost any disaster that the rescuers are faced with.

Click here to go to the Paratech US&R Rescue Strut System product page.

Pneumatic Control Equipment

Both the Dual Deadman Strut Controller G3 and the Strut Regulator are designed with multiple fail-safes to ensure the operator is always protected. The regulator, deadman controller, and shutoff valves are designed with integrated safety relief valves to protect the system from over pressurizing.Additionally, all Paratech couplings and fittings are made of corrosion-resistant and non-sparking brass to work in dangerous environments.

Click here to view Paratech Pneumatic Control Equipment.

Structural Shoring Bases

Paratech produces several different bases and heads for use on our struts in structural stabilization scenarios. All of our strut system heads and bases are milled from solid aircraft grade aluminum, never cast, to ensure reliable and uniform strength in every piece, then hard-coat anodized to maximize it’s strength and resistance to the elements.

Trench Shoring

Paratech’s trench shoring system includes solutions for long wall, L-Trench and deep trench among others. Paratech struts can be remotely placed ensuring the user never has to step into an unsecured trench. Paratech Trench Shoring is one of the safest, strongest, and simplest systems on the market.

Paratech offers two trench shoring kits for trench rescues. The Basic 12 Shore Trench Kit comes with 12 AcmeThread Struts, Extensions, Bases, and control equipment. The 16 Shore Trench Kit comes with 14 AcmeThread Struts, 2 LockStroke autolocking Struts, Extensions, Bases, control equipment, and a Trench Cushion Kit.

12 Shore Trench Kit

This kit gives the rescuer the ability to construct up to 12 shores for use in a trench rescue. The Basic 12 Shore Trench Kit comes with 12 AcmeThread shoring struts, 6 extensions, 24 bases, 8 air hoses, 4 shoring hammers, a dual deadman strut controller and a strut pressure regulator. With the available air controls and vibrant colored hoses, this is a great starter trench kit.

Click here to go to the Paratech 12 Shore Trench Kit product page.

16 Shore Trench Kit

This kit gives the rescuer the ability to construct up to 16 shores for use in a trench rescue. The 16 Shore Trench Kit comes with 14 AcmeThread shoring struts, 2 LockStroke autolocking shoring struts, 16 extensions, 32 bases, 4 shoring hammers, 4 high-pressure air hoses, 2 pneumatic Y-Connectors, a dual deadman strut controller and a strut pressure regulator. It also includes a trench cushion kit which comes with 2 low-pressure air hoses, 1 high-pressure air hose, 2 trench cushions, and 2 cushion controllers. With the available Trench Cushions to fill void spaces and a full complement of trench shoring struts, this is a capable trench shoring package for any rescue team.

Click here to go to the Paratech 16 Shore Trench Kit product page.

Trench Cushions

Designed to tackle one of the biggest challenges in trench collapse rescue, this kit includes the equipment you need to quickly and safely support your shoring panels. With our proven trench cushion system, you can significantly reduce the time needed to backfill your shoring panels and maintain a vertical surface for support. Included in the kit are two low-pressure square cushions with a 3.3 US ton (3 m ton) capacity that can fill up to an 18 in (46 cm) void. Each cushion is fitted with o-ring harnesses for ease of lowering into the trench and a yellow centering cross to help in positioning the cushions along the sides of the trench wall. Combined with our Paratech Rescue Struts this kit will equip you with the right tools for your next trench rescue.

Click here to go to the Paratech Trench Cushion Kit product page.

Waler Systems

Paratech manufactures high-strength, low weight, aluminum waler equipment. Paratech’s modular waler rails come in 18 in (45,7 cm), 6 ft (1,8 m), 8 ft (2,4 m) sections, and can be connected together through the heavy-duty waler connector. With the waler stop block, rescuers can solidly lock strut bases into the waler rail before lowering it into the trench. With the L-trench adapter set, inside mechanical thrust block, and outside mechanical thrust block, rescuers can shore corners and angled trenches. Paratech also offers a waler system kit with all the necessary components to shore a straight trench.

Forcible Entry Tools

For more than 50 years Paratech has set the standard for high quality heavy-duty forcible entry tools. These tools are designed to pry, pound, puncture, twist and cut open or remove all types of barriers between emergency personnel and the life they are saving. From our popular full line of Hooligan Tools to our powerful Percussive Rescue Tool (PRT), to our compact & versatile Pry-Axe, Paratech has led the way in design and manufacturing of dependable and unstoppable forcible entry tools.

TiTAN Crash Axe

The TiTan Crash Axe is designed as a flexible multi-use tool. It has a lightweight, high-strength titanium handle with replaceable heads, such as a stainless steel crash axe blade and a stainless steel pike. The hilt has a metal cutting claw and a wire-cutter.

Click here to go to the Paratech TiTAN Crash Axe product page.

SPF Hooligan

The SPF Hooligan is a single-piece forged (SPF) tool intended to exceed FDNY specifications for their primary handheld forcible entry tools. It is the very first redesigned, (features included) single piece Halligan type tool.

Click here to go to the Paratech SPF Hooligan product page.

Biel Tool

The Biel Tool incorporates many of the features found in the world famous Paratech ‘Pry-Axe’, but is much smaller and light enough to wear on a belt or carry in the pocket of a bunker coat. This is the perfect personal size multi-purpose forcible entry and rescue tool, designed for forcing doors and windows, prying and twisting hasps and locks, light overhauling, nail removal, gas shutoff, metal cutting and chopping.

Click here to go to the Paratech Biel Took product page.

PRT Rescue Kit

The PRT Rescue Kit takes the capabilities of the PRT Ram Bar to the next level with a set of 5 interchangeable bits to tackle a range of situations. Lockbreaker claws for breaking locks, and prying open doors and windows. A 3″ and 1″ chisel for prying, breaking brick or block walls. A bullpoint for busting concrete and masonry and a metal cutting claw for cutting through sheet metal found on automobiles, aircraft and metal structures. The Ram Bar and tool bits are all stored in a convenient and compact roll-up tool pouch.

Click here to go to the Paratech PRT Rescue Kit product page.