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MSA Knowledge Center

A full resource center for everything you need to know on our full MSA product line up, including helmets, G1 SCBAs, Lunar Devices and Thermal Imaging Cameras.

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As your emergency responder duties expand, as well as your exposure to hazards, MSA continues to provide more emergency response products to exceed your expectations and requirements. MSA supports firefighters and recognizes your role as the front line of protecting others. We are constantly improving products that you have come to rely upon as the best in the industry, to make your job safer and easier. For your protection, you can count on MSA for the most technologically advanced products, and for the best support and training assistance.

Take Advantage of the Latest Technology

G1 Facepiece

Open port design with cross-contamination protection makes the G1 SCBA facepiece very comfortable and easy to use. 

Zero electronics within the facepiece helps to reduce weight as well as reduce snag hazards and cost. This design means that you no longer have to buy HUDs for each facepiece, reducing costs and maintenance

G1 Integrated Thermal Imaging Camera (iTic) 

The integrated thermal imaging camera (iTic) allows firefighters to see within dark smoke-filled environments. With 5 user-selectable palettes and 10+ additional programmable colour palettes, the iTic is compatible with all G1 SCBA’s with a simple field upgrade.

G1 Voice Amp

Every MSA G1 SCBA is equipped with electronic voice amplification. Dual microphones integrated into the regulator eliminate background and inhalation noise, helping your commands to be heard. This unique feature automatically activates and shuts down with the unit.

Shoulder strap-mounted speaker module provides loud and clear communications from the regulator microphone while maintaining low profile to aid in reducing snag points.

MSA has introduced an industry first, SCBA to two-way radio voice communication system via Bluetooth technology.

By pairing your MSA G1 SCBA with your department radios* via Bluetooth, all keyed on-air communication is transmitted wirelessly from your SCBA through your radio to incident command.

G1 Ergonomics

The MSA G1 SCBA is the only SCBA on the market that offers harness customization to ensure improved comfort, balance and fit. 

By providing an adjustable lumbar pad, you can have a tailored unit with up/down and pivot capabilities that can actually move with you. Widened, adjustable shoulder straps enhance weight distribution and comfort.

G1 Central Power

With only one centralized power source, you can use either alkaline or an industry-first MSA rechargeable battery.

MSA has taken SCBA protection to a whole new level — With an SCBA that doesn’t require multiple battery sizes, There is no need to manage battery types, compartments and change-outs, resulting in lower cost of ownership.

G1 SCBA Cleaning Guide

The entire fire service industry recognizes that soiled or contaminated protective gear can expose firefighters to toxic substances, spread communicable disease, absorb heat, conduct electricity, and can be flammable. In short, clean PPE can help keep you safe.

NFPA 1851 recommends the user to evaluate PPE after each use to determine the appropriate cleaning level. This includes instructions for cleaning at the scene and an advanced cleaning at least once a year or whenever on-scene cleaning is not sufficient. Here are seven steps to assist in cleaning your SCBA.

MSA Gas Detection

Emergency response crews face two basic challenges when entering dangerous environments: Is the air acceptable for normal, unprotected breathing? Is the air safe from potential explosions? Portable gas detection equipment can help emergency response crews to meet these challenges. Gas detection needs are expanding. increasingly, fire departments respond to situations where hazardous substances may be present and proper detection equipment is necessary. MSA provides equipment to meet almost any gas detection need.

MSA Gas Detection Devices

Calibration Gas Cylinders and Accessories

Hazardous gas detector calibration accuracy depends greatly upon use of certified standard gas concentration. MSA’s broad selection of calibration gas and accessories is manufactured and tested to the highest industry standards. MSA gas cylinders offer the most economical calibration.

MSA XCell® Sensors

MSA XCell Sensors are a breakthrough in sensor design, enabling faster response and shorter span calibrations, saving you time and money. ASIC (application specific integrated circuit) technology inside of each sensor provides greater control and higher performance than other sensors on the market.

Altair® 2X Gas Detectors

Introducing the Altair 2X Gas Detector from MSA; the first one or two gas detector that incorporates industry leading Xcell Sensor technology to deliver unparalleled performance while drastically minimizing total cost of ownership, increasing durability and delivering enhanced worker safety, compliance and traceability.

Altair® 4XR Multigas Detector

The Altair 4X multigas detectors are driven by advanced portable gas detector technology. Design breakthroughs improve performance and ensure that altair 4X detectors outlast the competition.

Galaxy® GX2 Automated Test System

The new GALAXY GX2 Automated Test System provides simple and intelligent testing and calibration of MSA ALTAIR® and ALTAIR PRO Single-Gas Detectors, as well as ALTAIR 4XR and ALTAIR 5X Multigas Detectors, driven by the most advanced technology available in any portable gas detector: MSA XCell® Sensors.

Altair® 5X Multigas Detector

The unmatched durability of the ALTAIR 5X Detector with advanced XCell Sensor technology is now combined with PID to provide a complete platform for users around the world. Click here for some 5X features and benefits.

MSA Cairns® Helmets

We’ve been proudly manufacturing fire helmets since 1836. And to this day when it comes to head protection, more first responders trust MSA Cairns brand fire helmets than any other.

Cairns® XR2 Technical Rescue Helmet

The Cairns XR2 Technical Rescue Helmet focuses on innovation. This helmet offers full modularity, accessory integration, user-focused design, cleanability, unmatched comfort, and much more.

MSA Cairns® Fire and Rescue Helmets

From established firehouse favorites to next generation styles, there is a variety of Fire and Rescue helmet options available to you. MSA Cairns offers them all, each manufactured
with your safety in mind and engineered to provide the highest level of protection.

Custom Helmets

Configure your own modern or traditional fire fighting helmet through our easy to use builder.

MSA Lunar

Firefighters want to be connected: to each other, to dispatch and to their officers on- and offsite.

Enter LUNAR, a wireless, handheld device that includes thermal imaging, firefighter ranging, motion alarm and cloud technology — delivering connectivity never before possible. Explore the LUNAR Colour Pallette Application Guide.

The future of firefighting is here with LUNAR, the latest in search and rescue technology.

Firefighting Assisting Search Technology (F.A.S.T)

F.A.S.T. Technology combines direction and distance information with thermal imaging to help find separated teammates and decrease response time.

Personal Thermal Imaging

Personal thermal imaging with edge detection identifies hot spots and ventilation points, improving situational awareness and making it easier to navigate through environments with low visibility.

Stay Connected

A direct cloud connection enables an always-connected experience for individuals on-scene and remote. LUNAR’s integrated LTE-M allows for connection to FireGrid—and easily accessible cloud-based software providing data insights all in one place.

Accountability For Everyone

With advancements in technology, accountability in fire service can go beyond how we think of it today, extending to visibility of all users, equipment maintenance, and incident reporting. With LUNAR, these tech elements are all wrapped into one device that each firefighter can always have.

Why Connectivity?

The ability to connect to your team can be the difference in a rescue mission. As part of the Connected Firefighter Platform, each LUNAR device is equipped with the LUNAR-to-LUNAR network, which independently connects between devices. This helps to provide confidence that you are informed, and your team is connected when the unexpected happens!


FireGrid is a suite of applications supplying monitoring, maintenance, reporting and inventory management. With the use of FireGrid’s remote monitoring, Incident Command has control and instant confirmation of what is going on at the scene, in the palm of their hand, from anywhere in the world.

FireGrid web-based platform can be used for efficient post-scene processing and report generation, giving insight into fire ground operations and incidents.


The Connected Firefighter Platform is cloud-ready to transmit data to team members on-scene and remote, for improved connection, communication and confident decision-making and post-scene evaluation.

  • Device and incident data
  • Personnel and products on-scene
  • Inventory management including inspections and testing
  • Management of work orders and purchase orders


Effective fire-scene management requires real-time information for confident decision making. Knowing your entire crew is accounted for is critical to helping ensure their safety.

  • FireGrid Monitor provides on-scene local monitoring with real-time search and rescue information; device statistics such as products on-scene and air pressure with estimated time remaining; issuance of evacuation alarms, alerts, warnings; and more.
  • Remote Monitoring is a web-based, read-only monitoring solution to view multiple active incidents, including active firefighter count, connected devices, active alarms, incident duration, and search and rescue information.
  • FireGrid Configure is a mobile application that supports quick configuration and personalization of devices by name, team, seat number, and department.


Feel confident making decisions based on data from your team on the fireground. Incident and device reports, as well as data logs available for post-scene evaluation, provide insights for personnel training or for preventative maintenance to keep your products performing for the next call.

  • Automatic data generation and transmission to the cloud for storage
  • SCBA usage data
  • Post-scene processing for insights to fireground operations
  • Historical data for preventative maintenance


On-scene enhanced situational awareness with estimated location and status information of firefighters with LUNAR™ Connected Devices on a map.

  • Live monitoring for incident commanders and departmental leadership
  • Estimated location outside a structure
  • Selectable marker information – personalization
  • Status denoted by marker color
  • Last known location/GPS connection lost indication
  • Three selectable map views – satellite, default, terrain

MSA Thermal Imaging Cameras (TICs)

The EVOLUTION 6000 TIC offers many of the same benefits that firefighters have come to expect from MSA, as well as new ones to take user experience to another level. The new EVOLUTION 6000 TIC platform comprises three new models to offer the best mix of features, including NFPA 180 compliance, to support the thermal imaging needs of all first responders.

Evolution 6000 Basic

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Evolution 6000 Plus

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Evolution 6000 Xtreme

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