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Paratech 16 Shore Trench Kit

SKU: 22-796862

This kit gives the rescuer the ability to construct up to 16 shores for use in a trench rescue. The 16 Shore Trench Kit comes with 14 AcmeThread shoring struts, 2 LockStroke autolocking shoring struts, 16 extensions, 32 bases, 4 shoring hammers, 4 high-pressure air hoses, 2 pneumatic Y-Connectors, a dual deadman strut controller and a strut pressure regulator. It also includes a trench cushion kit which comes with 2 low-pressure air hoses, 1 high-pressure air hose, 2 trench cushions, and 2 cushion controllers. With the available Trench Cushions to fill void spaces and a full complement of trench shoring struts, this is a capable trench shoring package for any rescue team.

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