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What is Bunker Gear?

Bunker gear, also known as turnout gear, is the specialized equipment firefighters wear to protect against the hazards they encounter while on the fireground. This type of gear consists of several components that work together to provide comprehensive protection, which are:

  • Jacket: The jacket is typically made from multiple layers of fire-resistant materials, often including a moisture barrier, thermal barrier, and outer shell. These layers insulate the firefighter from heat, flames, and radiant heat.
  • Pants: Similar to the jacket, firefighter pants are made with multiple layers of fire-resistant materials to protect the lower body. They often have reinforced knee and seat areas for added durability.
  • Hood: The hood covers the firefighter's head and neck and protects against heat and flames. It is crucial for preventing burns to the sensitive skin on the neck and head.

Turnout gear is subject to strict standards and regulations to ensure its effectiveness in protecting firefighters in the line of duty.

How Does Firefighter Bunker Gear Work?

Turnout gear is composed of multiple layers of specialized materials that offer protection against the various hazards firefighters may face:

  • Thermal Protection: Bunker gear is designed to provide thermal insulation to protect firefighters from heat and flames. The layers of fire-resistant materials create a barrier that prevents heat transfer to the wearer's skin.
  • Radiant Heat Protection: This crucial gear also offers protection against radiant heat, which is the heat radiated from flames and hot surfaces. The layers of fire-resistant materials reflect or absorb this radiant heat, reducing its impact on the firefighter's body.
  • Moisture Barrier: The moisture barrier prevents water, chemicals, and other liquids from penetrating the clothing. This barrier is vital for protecting firefighters from steam burns, chemicals, and other hazardous substances they might encounter at a fire scene.

This comprehensive design aims to shield firefighters from the various dangers they encounter during firefighting and rescue operations, allowing them to work safely and effectively in hazardous conditions.

Why Do Firefighters Use Bunker Gear?

Firefighters must be able to move quickly and perform various tasks, such as climbing ladders, carrying equipment, and dragging hoses. Bunker gear is designed to protect firefighters against the intense heat and flames encountered while enabling them to carry out these physically demanding tasks.

Firegrounds are often hazardous environments containing toxic chemicals, smoke, and other harmful substances. Bunker gear’s moisture barrier helps protect against liquids and chemicals, preventing these substances from coming into direct contact with the firefighter's skin.

Additionally, turnout gear's design and materials effectively reflect and absorb radiant heat, minimizing its impact on the firefighter's body and reducing the risk of burns.

Bunker gear also provides enhanced visibility. The outer shell often includes reflective stripes and high-visibility features that aid in identifying firefighters in low-light and smoky conditions — improving crew coordination, preventing confusion, and enhancing overall safety at emergency scenes.

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