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Fire Suppression Foam


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What is Fire Suppression Foam?

Fire suppression foam, also known as fire extinguishing foam, is a specialized firefighting agent designed to extinguish or control fires by smothering and cooling the flames.

As part of a compressed air foam system (CAFS), the foam is a mixture of water, foam concentrate, and air, forming a foam blanket that covers the burning material. This foam acts as a barrier that separates the fire from oxygen, preventing combustion and suppressing the release of flammable vapours.

How Does Fire Suppression Foam Work?

A CAFS foam system works by mixing water and air to form a foam solution dispensed onto the fire using firefighting equipment such as foam nozzles or foam generators. The foam solution expands as it leaves the nozzle, creating a foam blanket covering the burning surface.

The foam blanket works in several ways:

  • Smothering Effect: The foam blanket separates the fire from the surrounding air, cutting off the supply of oxygen required for combustion. This effect prevents the fire from continuing to burn and suppresses the release of flammable vapours.
  • Cooling: Fire suppression foam contains water, which helps cool the fire by absorbing heat and lowering the temperature of the burning materials. Cooling the fire reduces the likelihood of re-ignition.
  • Vapour Suppression: Foam also prevents the release of flammable vapours from liquid fuel fires. Sealing the fuel's surface stops the vapours from reaching the ignition source and igniting.
  • Surface Tension: The foam's properties reduce the surface tension of water, allowing it to spread over the fire's surface more effectively and cover a larger area.
  • Stability: Fire suppression foam can remain stable for some time, maintaining its effectiveness even when subjected to heat and turbulence.

This type of foam is a crucial part of a modern fire department's arsenal to combat flammable liquid fires. Firefighting foam controls these types of fires, prevents rekindling, and minimizes fire-related damage.

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