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Fire Rescue Equipment

Rescue equipment is necessary throughout many of the scenarios firefighters face, such as vehicle collisions and collapsed buildings. This type of equipment both protects first responders from hazards and improves the effectiveness of rescue operations. Anything from a durable rescue helmet to specialized tools is considered rescue equipment.

Air lift air bags are a common and essential rescue tool that allows firefighters to lift objects and expand openings during rescue operations. There are two types of air lift bags: low-pressure and high pressure air bags. Low-pressure air lifting bags provide greater lifting height but cannot lift as much weight as high pressure air bags. Paratech® high pressure air bags are more frequently used, but it’s still essential to have a low-pressure air bag jack on the scene. Both types of air lift bags are designed to be stackable to improve both lifting strength and height.

Other types of rescue equipment include specialized tools designed to assist firefighters during rescue operations, including circular rescue saws, hooligan tools, spreaders, biel tools. Rescue scenarios are diverse and present unique challenges, and first responders must prepare for them. Equipping firefighters and first responders with the right tools, equipment, and training prepares them to address these challenges and rescue those in need.


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