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Decontamination Equipment

Decon, short for decontamination, encompasses a variety of equipment and cleaning solutions developed to remove harmful chemicals and contaminants from equipment and firefighters. Firefighters should decon their equipment and themselves after any scenario that exposes them to harmful contaminants.

Some decon equipment is designed to be used in the field before returning to the station, such as the TFT® Portable Decon Pak that sprays equipment with pressurized decon solution or water. Other types of decon equipment are for use at the station, including Meiko® TopClean Decontamination units that thoroughly clean and decontaminate breathing apparatuses.

Sootsoap® offers an industry-recognized line of decon products for use both in the field and at the station. The company’s hand sanitizer and odor spray can be carried on the truck, while its shampoo and body soap removes contaminants from firefighters at the station.


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