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Paratech Supporter X2 Vehicle Stabilizer

SKU: 22-797E12E

With the Supporter X2’s integrated ratchet belt, it is quick and easy to set up vehicle stabilization. Simply place the strut, extend the spike base into a purchase point on the vehicle, attach the ratchet belt, and tighten it down. The Supporter X2 can stabilize almost any personal vehicle to light duty truck in a matter of seconds.


Designed as the perfect balance between ease of use, quick deployment and maximum capability, the Supporter X2 is the world’s best All-In-One vehicle stabilizer. The Supporter X2 threaded strut extends to 65.4 in (166,1 cm) with a simple twist of the locking collar, and locks by releasing the collar. With the attached extension, the shore can reach up 95.4 in (242,3 cm) with 10,000 lb (4535 kg) load capacity at a 2:1 safety factor.


  • Maximum load up to 10,000 lb / 4535 kg with a 2:1 safety factor
  • Twistlock Collar
  • Integrated Ratchet Belt with Auto-rewind
  • 90 Degree fold flat base for easy storage
  • Ratchet Belt Heat Shield
  • Integrated Extension Storage
  • ABS Ratchet Function
  • Double Ratchet Hooks
  • Easy extra extension ability
  • Weight: 35 lb / 15,9 kg
  • Collapsed: Base on ground 40 in / 101,6 cm tall
  • Extended: Base on ground 65.4 in / 166,1 cm tall
  • Extended with Extension: 95.4 in / 242,3 cm tall
Spike Base
  • Positive Grip
  • Shackle Hole
  • Angle Indicator
  • Replaceable Stainless Steel Spikes
  • Integrated V and Cone Base

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