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Firefighting Ventilation Systems & Equipment

Ventilation is necessary for many scenarios firefighters and first responders face in the line of duty. Adequate ventilation provides a safer environment for both firefighters and those being rescued. Alongside SCBAs, proper ventilation protects firefighters’ respiratory systems from harmful inhalants. Additionally, ventilation systems help remove smoke from the environment to improve visibility.

RAMFAN® Positive Pressure Ventilation (PPV) systems are designed explicitly for firefighters' demands and leverage positive airflow to remove heat, contaminants, and smoke from the area. PPV systems are also moisture resistant to ensure continued operation in fire suppression scenarios.

Ventilation systems for firefighters have different models that use either gas or electric power. Both options are viable for fireground usage. In addition, many gas-powered models are suitable for indoor warehouse or residential usage. Electric models are powered by the fire truck circuit or a suitable generator. Equipping firefighters with both options creates the versatility necessary to respond to any possible scenario.


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