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A.J. Stone Company Ltd. Company History

A.J. Stone Company Ltd. is committed to providing our customers with industry leading quality products and equipment, offered at fair prices, and backed by our promise of service excellence.

Beginning in 1972, after a long tenure in the manufacturing and sales sector of the fire industry, the late Alfred Joseph (A.J.) Stone decided it would be advantageous to use the knowledge he had gained to branch out on his own and created his own company that supplies high quality products and equipment to the fire service, and first responder industries.

Fast forward 50 years, and A.J. Stone Company Ltd. is well known for our distinct and vast knowledge of the fire and emergency services market in Canada. This knowledge is backed by industry experts through our dedicated sales, customer service, and technical service teams, which allows us to offer our customers high quality equipment & products, supported by a standard of service excellence. We pride ourselves on building relationships with our customers, our product partners, and affiliated organizations.

A.J. Stone Company Ltd. is run by second and third generation fire specialists with years of experience and fire service backgrounds. Our office and 20,000 square foot warehouse is located in Vaughan, Ontario, just minutes away from major GTA highways. Our professional, and highly knowledgeable team comprises of nine strategically located outside sales reps across Ontario, five factory-trained repair and service technicians who provide both in-house and mobile routine maintenance and repairs, four dedicated customer service professionals and three warehouse staff, all supported by a professional, dedicated, and forward-thinking management team.

A.J. Stone Company Ltd. takes pride in providing the fire service in Ontario with only the best safety equipment and products that our sector has to offer. The foundation of our success is deeply rooted in our company culture, with our mantra of “supporting what we sell.” The manufacturers and vendors we partner with also support this mantra.

As a company that provides vital firefighter and emergency service products, social responsibility is extremely important to us. We remain committed to support those who have supported us, and causes that deeply impact us, or our team. We regularly give back to those in our emergency service community, as well as organizations that are supported by fire services. In addition, we also support those who have been affected by a fire or emergency-related tragedy. We believe it is our duty to support first responders, their families, and the fire and emergency service community overall.

A.J. Stone Company Ltd. is committed to providing our customers with industry leading quality products and equipment, offered at fair prices, all backed by our promise of service excellence. We are well known in the Ontario and Canadian fire service sector for exceeding expectations, so our customers can be confident that their firefighters and first responders have the best safety products and equipment on the market.

A.J. Stone Company Ltd. Mission

That the people who serve as first responders and firefighters in Canada are supplied with the highest quality safety products that protect them from the occupational hazards that they face every day.

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Our Head Office

62 Bradwick Drive

Vaughan, ON L4K 1K8

Mon - Fri, 8:30am - 5pm
Sat - Sun, Closed