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MSA Altair XCell® Sensor Warranty Replacement

If you are looking for a replacement MSA Altair XCell® Sensor and are claiming it under warranty, please fill out the following form. A representative from our service department will reach out to you shortly regarding your replacement sensor request.

Step 1: 

Locate the Date Code and Serial # on the back of your detector. See below photos to locate the correct information.

 Step 2:

Unscrew the four screws located at each corner of the detector. Separate the front from the back and you will find the sensors located inside. Take out the defective sensor and record the serial number.

Step 3:

Indicate the issue that is wrong with each sensor.

Please Note:

If the Issue is with the LEL/Pentane sensor, fully charge the detector, leave it off for 24 hours and recalibrate. If the issue persists, then send in your sensor to be claimed

If the End-of-Life indicator is flashing, it is possible the detector just needs a recalibration. Please attempt another bump test or 1 full calibration, if possible, if the end-of-life indicator is still flashing, then send in your sensor