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Firefighting Hand Tools

Firefighters utilize various specialized tools to tackle their diverse challenges while in the line of duty. While larger tools for forcible entry are standard, hand tools are also necessary to address unique situations firefighters face. Hand tools encompass hydrant wrenches, spanner wrenches, pocket knives, and rescue wrenches.

Fire hydrants are essential for fire suppression, but not every hydrant is made the same. The TFT® Adjustable Hydrant Wrench allows firefighters to access hydrants with fittings ranging from 1” to 6”. TFT® Spanner Wrenches for firefighters are highly versatile and enable firefighters to pry open doors, shut off gas meter valves, or open windows.

The AJ Stone® Swiss Force Protector pocket knife varies from other knives by including capabilities first responders require, such as a seatbelt cutter and window breaker, along with its durable single-sided blade. AJ Stone’s simple slim seatbelt cutter can be easily included in any first responders tool kit.

Equipping firefighters with various hand tools that can be carried on the scene prepares them for various scenarios they may encounter. Then, instead of running back to the truck, the firefighter already has the right tool for the job.


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