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Forcible Entry Equipment

Forcible entry equipment enables firefighters and first responders to access areas with some type of barrier to suppress flames or rescue trapped individuals. Blockages can range from locked doors to entryways rendered inaccessible by collapses. Vehicle collisions also often require forcible entry tools to free trapped passengers.

Axes are well-known forcible entry tools, but other tools are often necessary to clear blockages. Hooligan tools, biel tools, and crash axes provide firefighters and first responders with additional options for accessing vital areas. Each of these tools gives first responders more ways to overcome various barriers that can otherwise prevent flame suppression or rescue operations.

Paratech® Hooligan tools have a simple design yet offer powerful versatility to puncture, pry, or cut all types of barriers. Paratech® Biel tools are a lightweight and compact ax-like device with additional features that enable gas shutoff, metal cutting, and chopping. The small size of biel tools allows firefighters to carry them on their belts or coats, so it’s ready whenever needed. Equipping firefighters with the right tools to clear barriers can improve fire suppression and rescue techniques.


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