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In House & Mobile Service

We Service What We Sell!

We provide both in-house and mobile repairs and servicing for leading brands such as MSA, Genesis, TFT, Irwin Air Ltd, and Lion. Our skilled and factory trained certified service technicians are here for you to provide the best experience possible.

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We provide both In-House and Mobile Service for the following leading brands:

MSA SCBA Flow Testing/Repair & Service

Our certified technicians are experienced with MSA SCBA in the fire service and provide due diligence approaches to help our customers with their SCBA maintenance programs. We have 3 Mobile technicians that travel Ontario with fully stocked vehicles and perform on-site Annual NFPA 1852 Flow Testing and Service for MSA SCBA. We also have 3 in-house SCBA Technician to ensure rapid service. We pride ourselves to offer full inspection, testing, and certification of all SCBA components. If you have any questions about your MSA SCBA service and maintenance give us a call at 1-800-205-3473 or email service@ajstone.com.

MSA Gas Detection Calibration/Repair & Service

We not only supply portable gas detection equipment - we service it too! You can depend on our expert certified technicians to provide the highest quality gas detector repairs and calibration.

Genesis Rescue Tools Repair & Annual Service

Our factory trained and certified technicians will clean and conduct a comprehensive and rigorous operational inspection of your hydraulic and battery operated Genesis Rescue Tools. We can inspect and repair Genesis Rescue Tools on-site with our Mobile Service Units or you can send them to our in-house service centre at our head office. Our preventative maintenance will keep you compliant and ready for the task! Any deficiencies will be noted, repairs completed and adjustments made!

Task Force Tips Service

We are now facilitating factory repair logistics and providing in-house annual and preventative maintenance on nozzles, valves and monitors. Contact service@ajstone.com for all your TFT service needs!

Irwin Air Compressor Service

Our skilled and factory trained service technicians will provide first class maintenance to your compressor on-site. Performing regular service will increase the efficiency and longevity of your compressor. Contact us at service@ajstone.com to discuss your service requirements.

LION Service

Our certified technicians will repair your LION (formerly BullEx) “CORE” products! Email service@ajstone.com or call 1-800-205-3473 for more information.