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Firefighting Storage Equipment

Storage equipment keeps the tools and gear your firefighters depend on readily available and in good working order. Firefighters and first responders only have a few moments to gear up and leave the station, and using the right storage equipment saves valuable time. Some mobile storage solutions also help keep equipment in order while on the fireground.

Ready Rack® unit racks are designed to store the equipment properly your firefighters need quick access to, whether double-sided, single-sided, or wall-mounted. In addition, these racks were developed to handle the bunker gear, helmets, and other tools firefighters need for any scenario they may face. Ready Rack® also manufactures mobile storage racks for use on the fireground.

Using the correct type of specialized SCBA storage equipment provides easy access to SCBA canisters along with rapid refill capability, such as the SafeTSystem® SCBA bottle holders. These bottle holders are designed to stand on their own or be stored within a larger container. Additionally, the Ziamatic® Quick Bridge Hose Guard is compact and easily stored, then can be quickly set up to prevent vehicles from driving over hoses.


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