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Paratech MaxiForce® G2 Air Lifting Bags

SKU: 22-888110G2

The MaxiForce® Air Lifting Bag is a thin, strong, molded envelope available in 14 different sizes. It is made from 3 layers of Neoprene covered Aramid fiber reinforcement and has the power to lift, move or shift weights up to 89 tons (80.9 metric tons) per bag. Control equipment and components play a critical role in successful lifting bag use and unlike other lifting bag systems, Paratech manufactures all of its major control components. This assures the quality of the lifting bag system from inflation to deflation.


  • Two step safety locking coupling. Couplings and nipples are field replaceable using simple hand tools
  • Unmatched in durability, the adjustable piston regulator is a self-contained, direct-acting, pressure-reducing type and can be preset to operating pressure
  • This single input/dual output controller incorporates quick disconnect hose fittings and dual deadman push-button controls for a compact and extremely portable controller
  • Couplings and nipples are field replaceable using simple hand tools

Technical Specs

  1. SAFETY: MAXIFORCE® Air Lifting Bags are extremely tough, made of Neoprene, embedded with three (3) full layers of Aramid fiber reinforcement on each side, giving the bags tremendous strength at full inflation. Each Air Lifting Bag has been subjected to a stringent factory pressure test to assure maximum operator safety.
  2. CAPACITY: Does the height/weight capacity match the task? Non-emergency applications may only require one or two sizes. Emergency Service providers need a variety of lifting capacities.
  3. SHAPE: Match the shape of the bag to the contact area of the load to maximize your effectiveness. Use rectangular shaped bags against linear loads and when lifting on hills or inclines. Square bags are great for stacking on flat surfaces. Rescue crews should have both square and rectangular lifting bags.
  4. THICKNESS: The thinner the Lift Bag the better. The most notable feature of quality manufacturing is the ability to produce a thin, tough lifting bag.
    MAXIFORCE Air Lifting Bags range in thickness from 3/4 in(1.9 cm) to 1 in(2.5 cm).
  5. MATERIAL: Neoprene with Aramid reinforcement comprise most of the lift bag materials. These materials provide strength, durability, flexibility and chemical resistance. MAXIFORCE was the first Aramid reinforced high pressure Lift Bag.
  6. SURFACE: Small molded raised bumps provide an interlocking surface for
    stacking 2 lift bags. Once again MAXIFORCE was the first with an
    interlocking surface.
  7. POSITIONING EYELETS: At least 2 on all Lift Bags with a 12.9 ton rating or higher. A must for rescue work. Allows for vertical placement, safe retrieval and carrying.
  8. MARKINGS: Technical data is molded into the bag surface. Warnings are permanently labeled. The famous “X” marks the center
    of the load.
  9. AIR INLET: Brass with maximum pull strength. The inlet is threaded to receive a brass inflation nipple. Why brass? No corrosion. Easy to repair.
  10. WORKS QUIETLY: Completely silent in use. There are no engine sounds or loud mechanical noises when MAXIFORCE is used.

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