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CAFS System


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A.J. Stone Company Ltd. is an authorized Enforcer® CAFS Equipment dealer, that delivers top-tier CAFS systems renowned for their exceptional capabilities. These systems ingeniously merge compressed air and fire suppression foam, resulting in unparalleled performance.

Enforcer® CAFS foam systems are crafted to tackle a spectrum of firefighting challenges. The Enforcer® CAFS product line excel in urban infernos and rural wildfires, boasting consistent, high-quality foam production crucial for diverse firefighting scenarios. Through the fusion of compressed air and fire suppression foam, these CAFS systems swiftly quench fires while minimizing collateral damage, embodying simplicity, reliability, and resilience, essential traits for intense firefighting demands. This guarantees optimal performance during critical moments, instilling confidence in the valiant firefighters who depend on them.

Explore our range of Enforcer® CAFS foam systems tailored to meet various operational needs, renowned for their effectiveness and reliability in fire suppression. Our adept staff stands ready to guide you in choosing the ideal system that aligns seamlessly with your firefighting strategies!