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Fire Suppression Supplies & Equipment

Suppression equipment is designed to assist firefighters in a variety of scenarios that require suppressing flames. This type of equipment includes fire hose nozzles, Kuriyama Jafline® durable hoses, extinguishing backpacks, and firefighting brooms. Other suppression tools include specialized suits that some scenarios require, such as ice and water rescue suits. Any tool that helps first responders get flames under control is considered suppression equipment.

A crucial and common suppression tool is fire extinguishing foam. Suppression equipment encompasses several different tools that work with this foam to meet the differing needs of firefighters. A compressed air foam system (CAFS) is a specialized suppression tool used in the field to equip firefighters with extinguishing foam. A top-rated CAFS system makes refilling foam packs quick and straightforward.

Suppression tools also improve the effectiveness of water transference, which is vital in scenarios without hydrant access. Strainer attachments and portable pumps allow firefighters to use vehicle-mounted water tanks to transfer water between tanks effectively or suppress flames directly from the tanks. Portable options include backpack extinguisher tanks to enable even greater mobility so firefighters can work beyond the limitations of hydrants and larger tanks. Equipping firefighters with various fire suppression tools helps them respond quickly to any possible scenario.


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