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Covid Protection

COVID-19 protection must be considered to ensure the ongoing safety of firefighters and first responders. Any scenario that calls for interacting with others, such as trapped victims, may result in COVID-19 exposure. Preparing your firefighters beforehand and properly sterilizing afterward can help prevent the development of the disease.

Decon equipment will often already include antiviral compounds that will kill the virus. Sootsoap® hand sanitizer is ideal for many contaminants, including the COVID-19 virus. Additionally, the TFT® Portable Decon Pak can be filled with a decon solution with antiviral capabilities for thorough sanitizing at the scene. Each first responder can easily carry PPE towelettes and disposable wipes for immediate use after suspected exposure.

For ultimate protection, the MSA Advantage® 420 Twin Respirator is ideal for scenarios where COVID-19 is suspected. This heavy-duty mask and accompanying filters will prevent COVID-19 exposure alongside protecting against other contaminants.


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