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TFT Knowledge Centre

A full resource centre for everything you need to know on our Task Force Tips product line up, including Decon Paks, Monitors, Nozzles and more!

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TFT Monitors

TFT (Task Force Tips) monitors are critical tools used in firefighting operations to effectively control and suppress fires. These monitors, also known as water cannons, are high-powered nozzles that are typically mounted on fire trucks or other firefighting equipment. They can be remotely operated to deliver a precise and powerful stream of water, foam or other firefighting agents onto a fire, helping to quickly extinguish the flames and prevent them from spreading. TFT monitors are especially useful in situations where fires are difficult to access or when large volumes of water are needed to fight a blaze. The ability to control the flow, angle and direction of the water makes them indispensable tools for firefighters in their battle against fires of all sizes and types.

Attack From Any Angle Safely.

TFT Blitzfire Monitor

The BLITZFIRE® offers a safe initial attack, even with limited staff. With a flow rating up to 500 gpm (2000 l/min), it integrates an exclusive safety shutoff valve that reduces risk from an out of control appliance. The valve closes quickly if the monitor starts to slide. The monitor’s compact and lightweight design can operate UNATTENDED at a low angle of 10 degrees, this is much lower than the nearest competition which can only do 20 degrees unattended, and incorporates an exclusive slide valve for complete Firefighter flow control. The series offers additional features including oscillation and high elevation (HE).

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TFT Hemisphere Monitor

The Hemisphere is a versatile,
lightweight, and quick to deploy portable monitor that gives the user the ability to quickly establish water flow in locations that ground monitors cannot. Since the Hemisphere doesn’t rely on gravity for stability, it can be pointed horizontal and down, in addition to up. The rotating, swiveling waterway, allows the stream to be pointed in virtually any direction, within a hemispherical range without interrupting water flow.

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TFT Monsoon Monitor

With only 6 psi loss at 1250 GPM flows, the remotely controlled Monsoon Monitor from Task Force Tips provides your limited crew with a powerful masterstream that can be placed in service quickly and safely. The Monsoon, when combined with the Extenda-Gun telescoping waterway and handheld radio frequency controller, dramatically improves the fire flow performance of any apparatus.

Contact us today to inquire about the TFT Monsoon Monitor.

TFT Radius Monitor

The TFT Radius™ is an easy to install, deck mounted monitor that elevates above the top mounted equipment to get the stream where it counts. The above deck mounting is ideal for apparatus where below deck extension tubes do not fit. The RADIUS elevates by simply pulling the quick release knob and lifting until it’s in the locked position. The monitor also includes the ability to flow while in the stowed position.

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TFT Nozzles

TFT (Task Force Tips) nozzles are an essential component of firefighting equipment used to deliver high-pressure water or foam to extinguish fires. These nozzles are designed to be highly versatile, with adjustable settings that allow firefighters to tailor the water or foam stream to suit the specific needs of the situation. For example, TFT nozzles can be set to produce a narrow, powerful stream for penetrating deep into the heart of a fire, or a wide-angle spray for covering a larger area. They can also be adjusted to deliver a straight, constant stream or a fog-like mist that can cool and smother flames. The precision control provided by TFT nozzles makes them invaluable in situations where a targeted, controlled flow of water or foam is needed to extinguish a fire, and they are widely used by firefighters around the world to save lives and property.

Bubble Cup Nozzle Series

A unique combination nozzle capable
of producing aspirated finished foam,
conventional straight stream and a wide fog pattern. The 1” (25mm) version is a dual gallonage foam nozzle while the 1.5” (38mm) version is available as either a single or dual gallonage foam nozzle. The Bubble Cup offers versatility not found in any other aspirating foam nozzle.

Contact us today to inquire about the TFT Bubble Cup Nozzle Series.

G-Force Nozzles

Based on a highly customizable global nozzle platform design, the unique G-Force series of fixed, selectable, and automatic nozzles combine over 40 years of Task Force Tips design innovation and experience into true next generation firefighting tools. Incorporating unique performance components such as a stainless steel slide valve, inlet debris screen and protective fog pattern choices, the G-Force series delivers high performance and rugged dependability in a low cost package.

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Master Force Nozzles

The Only Dual Pressure Automatic Available in Manual or Electric Remote with a Flow Range of 1100-3000 l/min (300-800 gpm). Adaptable to various tactical needs the Master Force operates at either a standard 7 bar (100 psi) or 4 bar (55 psi) low pressure as selected by the nozzle operator. And the stream pattern can be varied from straight stream to a dense, wide fog pattern. These compact, lightweight nozzles are perfect for pairing with TFT’s Hemisphere transportable monitor or with a TFT Tornado, Hurricane, Crossfire water cannons.

Contact us today to inquire abou the TFT Master Force Nozzle Series

Metro Nozzles

The METRO series fixed gallonage nozzles are available in three sizes: METRO 0, METRO 1, and METRO 2. You get the flow of your choice, flush without shutting down, a selection of optional foam attachments, and models with stainless steel slide valve. TFT’s IMPULSE™ trigger valve system is ideal for single handed operations with METRO and METRO 1.

Click here to go to the TFT Metro 1 or TFT Metro 2 product page.

Mid-Force Nozzles

TFT’s MidForce dual-pressure automatic nozzle offers you a choice of maximum flow, or maximum reach and penetration from a single nozzle. The low pressure mode provides target fire flows with greatly reduced nozzle reaction, and the integrated slide valve produces a turbulence free straight stream, even when gated.

Contact us today to inquire about the TFT Mid-Froce Nozzle Series.

QuadraCup Nozzles

The QUADRACUP is a rugged and dependable selectable gallonage nozzle with a retractable foam aspiration sleeve. When the outer sleeve is in the retracted position, the nozzle operates as a selectable gallonage nozzle for water or foam. When the sleeve is extended, additional foam aspiration can be achieved. Flow can be set to any one of four flow settings, or to a flush mode. The front end can be rotated from straight stream through wide fog patterns. 1.5” (38mm) thread is standard.

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QuadraFog Nozzles

The QUADRAFOG AND THUNDERFOG series are economical and lightweight selectable gallonage nozzles in 1” (25mm), 1.5” (38mm), and 2.5” (65mm) sizes. Models are available in various flow and pressure choices and are suitable for use with low-expansion or multi-expansion foam attachments. All units are NFPA 1964 compliant, include flush without shutting down, and are available in tip-only configurations or with a stainless steel ball shutoff.

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Vortex Nozzles

The TFT VORTEX enhances the use of a smooth bore nozzle. With just a simple twist, the VORTEX moves from a hard hitting straight stream to a uniformly dispersed pattern without gating the valve and reducing the fire flow. Available in a tip only, with valve or with valve and grip. A complete range of smooth bore tips are offered separately.

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Working Fire Nozzle

The new TFT Working Fire nozzle delivers revolutionary performance when you need maximum flows for a “working fire.” For everyday use, it is a 150 gpm @ 75 psi or 160 gpm @ 50 psi Fixed GPM Nozzle, but when you need even more GPM, the nozzle’s exclusive pressure relief system dramatically limits nozzle reaction.

Contact us today to inquire about the TFT Working Fire Nozzle Series.

Smoothbore Tips

Engineered with a smooth, tapered waterway, TFT’s smooth bore tips provide excellent stream quality, reach, and penetration. Built for performance and durability, all smooth bore tips are manufactured from aluminum alloy which is then hard coat anodized. Available in both Short and Long Nozzles.

Shutoff Ball Valve Nozzles

Ball Valve with an unobstructed 1-3/8" (35mm) waterway. All lightweight materials, hard coat anodized aluminum. Quick-change rear valve seat and stainless steel shut-off ball.

Click here to go to the TFT Shutoff Ball Valve Handheld Nozzle product page.

Transformer Nozzles

The Transformer Piercing Nozzle Systems are designed to deliver water or foam solutions to areas inaccessible to the fire fighter. A series of jets near the point apply a wide reaching pattern. The series includes the Standard PA1, the Deluxe PA2, and the EV-Kit PA3.

Decontamination Protection Systems

Decon, short for decontamination, encompasses a variety of equipment and cleaning solutions developed to remove harmful chemicals and contaminants from equipment and firefighters. Firefighters should decon their equipment and themselves after any scenario that exposes them to harmful contaminants. Some decon equipment is designed to be used in the field before returning to the station, such as the TFT® Portable Decon Pak that sprays equipment with pressurized decon solution or water. Other types of decon equipment are for use at the station like the TFT® Station Protect System.


The DECON/pak Portable Decontamination System is a self- contained agent proportioning and rinse application system developed specifically for gross decontamination of firefighting personnel and equipment. Removal of particulates can reduce contamination by 85%*.

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Crew Protect

CrewProtect™ is a unique, self contained, and comprehensive air filtration system for enclosed apparatus cabs and ambulances that helps protect first responders from the multiple threats they face each day on the job. Unlike competitive products that address only one or two threats, CrewProtect™ attacks all three significant problems for firefighters, including VOCs, particulates, and aerosols carrying viruses.

Contact us today to inquire about the TFT Crew Protect System.

Station Protect

After returning from a fire, PPE and equipment can contain harmful particulates and continue to off-gas for extended periods. StationProtect protects crews back at the station by filtering the air of cancer-causing soot, VOCs, bacteria, mold and aerosol carrying viruses.

Contact us today to inquire about the TFT Station Protect System.

Pro Pak

TFT’s compact PRO/pak foam injection and application system is the ideal choice for rapid vapor suppression with any Class A, AFFF or Alcohol Resistant foam concentrate.

Offering nozzle choices for low or medium expansion finished foam, the PRO/pak operates at low inlet pressures, is easily flushed, and provides injection ratios from 0.1% to 6%.

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TFT strainers are designed to remove debris and other unwanted materials from the water supply, ensuring that only clean water is used to extinguish the fire. TFT strainers come in different shapes and sizes, with each type serving a specific purpose. The three main categories of TFT strainers are low-level strainers, jumbo barrel strainers, and floating barrel strainers. TFT strainers play a crucial role in ensuring that firefighters have access to clean water, which is essential in extinguishing fires efficiently and effectively.

Low-level Strainers

Low-level strainers are used to collect water from shallow sources such as streams, ponds, or swimming pools.

Jumbo Barrel Strainers

Jumbo barrel strainers are used to collect water from hydrants or other large sources. They have a large capacity and can handle high volumes of water.

Floating Barrel Strainers

Floating barrel strainers are used in situations where there is a limited water supply, such as in rural areas or during wildfires. They float on the surface of the water and are designed to extract water from the top layer, which is typically the cleanest.

TFT Adapters

TFT adapters are crucial components in the firefighting arsenal. They are designed to connect hoses of different sizes and thread types, enabling firefighters to transfer water from the source to the fire more efficiently. TFT adapters are available in various configurations, including male to female, female to male, and double male or female. They are made from durable materials such as aluminum, brass, and stainless steel, ensuring they can withstand the harsh conditions encountered in firefighting. TFT adapters also come with features such as locking rings, which prevent accidental disconnection of the hose during use, and gasket seals, which provide a tight seal and prevent water leakage.