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Firefighting Training Tools & Props

Training tools & props provide initial and continued training to prepare firefighters for the various scenarios they’ll encounter in the line of duty. Props for firefighting training include advanced training dummies, water-based liquid smoke, and training fire extinguishers. Some training props, such as the Magnum® Hose Line & Fire Extinguisher Package, also create contained fires for trainees to suppress.

Investing in various training props allows fire departments to provide training for new and seasoned firefighters alike to reinforce the skills they need. Continued education may also be necessary as new technologies emerge, such as Thermal Imaging Cameras (TICs) and advanced SCBAs.

Training dummies prepare firefighters for rescue operations ranging from extrication to fireground rescues. The LION® SmartDummy Thermal allows trainees to learn the basics of TICs to prepare for low-visibility situations. Another model, LION® SmartDummy, is durable and includes a sound box that can be programmed to cough, call out for help, or direct responders to find other victims.


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