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Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

Personal protective equipment (PPE) is designed to protect firefighters from a variety of threats while in the line of duty. Any equipment that improves a firefighter’s safety and efficiency is considered PPE. Equipping firefighters with top-rated PPE helps protect against various threats to keep first responders safe.

PPE ranges from versatile Innotex bunker gear to specialized gloves and helmets. This equipment plays a crucial role in keeping firefights safe from hazards found on the fireground. These hazards can be both immediately life-threatening and contribute to long-term health concerns. In addition, modern fires release harmful chemical compounds into the environment, and PPE needs to protect against them effectively.

Reliable Bluetooth headsets and lighting allow firefighters to more accurately assess the scenario to improve their safety and efficiency while in the field. Additionally, gear bags that protect against external contamination keep PPE and other equipment in good working order when needed.

The most commonly used type of PPE is bunker gear, also known as turnout gear, that provides critical protection from flames, heat, and airborne contaminants. Bunker gear is manufactured with a durable outer shell and sophisticated internal components to protect against harsh flames, moisture, and internal overheating.


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