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Firefighting Lighting Equipment

Lighting equipment provides firefighters with increased visibility in low-light scenarios. There are various lighting options to consider, including helmet-mounted lights, handheld LED lanterns, and portable area lights. Equipping firefighters with various types of lighting equipment allows them to use the right tool for the job to work with the necessary visibility.

Firefighters and first responders face a wide range of scenarios, with each presenting unique lighting challenges. Helmet-mounted lights establish a consistent baseline; however, some situations require unique solutions to provide adequate lighting. Providing firefighters handheld lights, right-angle lights, and Streamlight® high-powered LED lanterns prepares them for any situation they may encounter. Having the proper lighting for the job can be life-saving for the firefighter and the victims they’re rescuing.

Remote area lights designed for firefighters differ from similar lighting options for the general public. Also known as scene lights, Pelican® portable area lighting for firefighters typically includes an attached battery pack to eliminate the need for a generator or extension cord. This unique design allows first responders to have the light they need, wherever they need it, and is ideal for scenarios that require consistent long-term lighting.


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