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TFT PA3 Transformer Nozzle EV Kit


The Transformer Nozzle System EV-Kit is designed to help you deliver water to the underside of an electric vehicle where the battery is stored. The system over 7’ long (2.2 meters) and weighs only 14.9 pounds (6.8 kg) when fully assembled. The included distributor nozzle provides a wide fully filled pattern capable of flowing up to 150 GPM (570 LPM) at 100 PSI (7 bar). The twist-grip shutoff valve regulates flow without the need for an additional shutoff valve.


Each EV Kit comes with the following

  • Three port junction block with striking cap
  • Distributor nozzle (also known as a Bresnan or cellar nozzle)
  • Four 19” (.5 meter) extension tubes
  • Twist-grip shutoff valve
  • Heavy-duty carrying bag with compartments

  • Flow up to 150 GPM (570 LPM)
  • Twist-grip shutoff valve
  • Cellar nozzle with fully filled wide pattern

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