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TFT QuadraCup Nozzles


A rugged and dependable selectable gallonage nozzle with a retractable foam aspiration sleeve, available in either tip-only configuration or with a stainless ball shutoff.

Other Customizations Available Upon Request


When the outer sleeve is in the retracted position, the nozzle operates the same as the TFT QUADRAFOG selectable gallonage nozzle. Flow can be set to any one of four flow settings (30-60-95-125), or to the flush mode. The front end can be rotated from straight stream through wide fog patterns. Uniquely cut fixed metal fog teeth produce a wide range of fog patterns.

To use the built-in aspirating feature of the nozzle, the nozzle operator slides the outer sleeve forward, and by adjusting the pattern, has control of reach and aspiration of the finished foam. If an immediate wide fog pattern is needed, the sleeve can be retracted instantly to its regular position.