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Why the MSA Cairns Helmets are the right choice for you!

MSA Cairns Fire and Helmets are manufactured with a safety-first approach and engineered to provide the highest level of protection. Find out why the MSA Cairns brand offers the most complete helmet package on the market:

  • ✓ Meets the current 1971 and 1951 NFPA Standards.
  • ✓ Tested by a third-party to meet NFPA Standards.
  • ✓ Designed for many types of hazardous environments.
  • ✓ Traditional styles to modern designs, low profile, compact size.
  • ✓ Established firehouse favorites to next generation styles.
  • ✓ Variety of customization options available
  • ✓ Easily integrate accessories into the helmet
  • ✓ Customizable leather fronts.
  • ✓ Easy to clean and maintain.
  • ✓ Removeable soft goods and complete soft good kits
  • ✓ Easy to remove, replace and wash chinstraps provided as a standard.
  • ✓ Multiple eye protection options available
  • ✓ Shell Release System protecting you from additional impact, projectiles, and heat.
  • ✓ 10-year lifetime warranty.

The MSA Cairns Fire and Rescue Helmets provide many options to fit your first response needs. Click the links below to learn why more firefighters and first responders trust MSA Cairns brand fire helmets more than any other on the market.

MSA Cairns 664 Composite Fire Fighting Helmet


MSA Cairns® 664 Composite Fire Helmet
The lightest structural fire helmet in the Cairns line, it is tough enough for structural firefighting, light enough for wildlands, and small enough for EMS and confined space applications!

MSA Cairns 1044 Composite Firefighting Helmet

MSA Cairns® 1044 Composite Fire Helmet
The popular MSA Cairns 1044 fire helmet has the perfect combination of durability and performance desired by firefighters!




MSA Cairns XR2 Technical Rescue Helmet
MSA Cairns® XR2 Technical Rescue Helmet
The Cairns XR2 Technical Rescue Helmet focuses on innovation. This helmet offers full modularity, accessory integration, user-focused design, cleanability, unmatched comfort, and much more.

MSA Cairns Xf1 Fire Helmet
MSA Cairns® XF1 Fire Helmet
The XF1's brimless style delivers enhanced technology integration while maintaining the quality, durability, and safety performance firefighters have come to expect from the MSA Cairns brand.

MSA Custom Helmet Configurator
Custom Helmet Configurator
Choose between a modern or traditional helmet and customize the features that suit you or your department!

Custom Helmet Front Configurator
Custom Helmet Front Configurator
Choose between a standard or passport helmet front design to show off your your department!