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Advanced Live Fire Training Systems

Lion Live Fire Training Prop - Magnum
LION provides advanced fire training solutions to help prepare firefighters for every call. While digital fire training props are helpful, training with live fire is necessary, and LION's Live Fire Training Props offer a range of formats that can be started and stopped virtually at will.
Lion Magnum Live Fire Training System
The LION MAGNUM Hose Line & Fire Extinguisher Training System is designed for full-scale firefighter training and produces intense flames with an output of 2.8 million BTU (550KW). The system features smart controls that shut down the propane and auto ignition only when the fire is completely knocked out. The system is built with rugged construction, is also easy to set up, and has built-in wheels for mobility. Other features include:
  • Dual burners allow you to select either pressurized vapor fires or liquid surface fires.
  • Tough enough to handle a 2 1/2" hose line.
  • The propane fed system has a built-in emergency stop, auto ignition pilot and an infrared flame safety sensor for propane control.

Lion Intelligent Live Fire Training System

The Intelligent Training System (I.T.S.) is an innovative system that works with the LION Smart Extinguisher to sense a trainee's movement and adjusts the flames accordingly to ensure that the trainee is using the extinguisher correctly. The Smart Extinguishers are recharged with compressed air and water, which eliminates the mess associated with traditional dry chemical extinguishers and diesel burn pans. Other features include:

  • Compact design which allows easy one person to set it up easily.
  • Handheld controller to easily light the flames and start the evolution.
  • Industrial grade stainless steel to withstand intense training.