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Which Thermal Imaging Camera (TIC) Meets Your Department’s Needs Best?

Find Fires and Firefighters with the MSA LUNAR
MSA introduced one of the first firefighting thermal imaging cameras (TIC) over a decade ago. In the years that followed, they have continued to innovate their products, by providing a scale of options from basic operation to leading-edge technological features. With rapidly advancing capabilities in the areas of connectivity, situational awareness, locating, and monitoring, the possibilities for firefighter safety are staggering. In the end, you’ll protect not only your investment, but most importantly, the safety of your firefighters and everyone on a fire scene. 

MSA G1 iTic

6.5" x 3.0" x 1.5"
4.2 Ounces (120g)
220 x 176 Resolution

MSA LUNAR - Connected Firefighter Device

8.0” x 3.6” x 3.0”
24 Ounces (680g)
320 x 480 Resolution

MSA Evolution 6000 TIC

MSA Evolution 6000
7.3'' x 4.8'' x 11.6''
2.65 lbs (1.2 kg)
320 x 240 Resolution

The MSA G1 iTIC is a TIC that is integrated into the G1 SCBA control module. It has all the features of a standard fire service TIC without adding equipment to your facepiece or hanging from your gear. It’s compatible with all G1 SCBA via a simple field upgrade, is powered by the G1 SCBA single integrated power source, has single button functionality allowing for simple, intuitive use and is lightweight – it only adds 4.2 oz. to a standard control module.

MSA LUNAR: Firefighters need advanced tools that can help connect those who are on and off-scene, to support the safety of the entire team with accountability, technology, and data-driven insights. The MSA Connected Firefighter (CFF) Platform of Products, driven by LUNAR, provides that solution. LUNAR is a wireless, handheld search and rescue device that includes firefighter-to-firefighter ranging, edge detection enhanced thermal imaging, and cloud connectivity. It is connected to the G1 SCBA via Bluetooth, and is designed for every firefighter on-scene, whether wearing a SCBA or not offering an unparalleled, data driven accountability system.

The EVOLUTION 6000 TIC is one of the most advanced and rugged TICs ever built. With its durable construction, ergonomic design, and seamless integration with MSA's safety systems, the Evolution 6000 ensures maximum safety and efficiency for firefighters. Available in a Basic, Plus, and Extreme model, it’s new and enhanced features include best in class image quality, light weight, laser pointer and range finder, integrated video and picture capture, and integrated wireless video transmission system. The EVOLUTION 6000 TIC is NFPA 1801-compliant and provides the industry’s best mix of features to support the thermal imaging needs of every fire department, rescue organization, strike team, or HazMat crew.

If you're looking for more TIC options, MSA has a variety of options that meets your departments requirements! If you have any questions about the MSA TIC product line or would like to set up an in-person demo, please do not hesitate to reach out!