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What is a Smooth Bore Firefighting Nozzle?

The smooth bore nozzle, an enduring firefighting tool for over a century, remains integral to firefighting operations today. This original nozzle type has stood the test of time for its efficiency and effectiveness. In this article, we'll delve into the specifics of a smooth bore nozzle, its functionality, and the reasons for its continued utilization in firefighting.

Task Force Tips Smooth Bore Nozzle

Understanding the Smooth Bore Nozzle:
A smooth bore nozzle in firefighting is characterized by its smooth, tapered water passage. This design facilitates the directed flow of water from the hose outlet to an exit orifice while enhancing water pressure. The smooth waterway, combined with increased pressure, shapes the water into a solid stream. These nozzles are also commonly referred to as solid bore nozzles or solid stream nozzles.

Operational Mechanism of a Smooth Bore Nozzle:
A smooth bore nozzle functions by creating pressure at a specified flow rate due to its smooth, tapered water passage. This tip pressure, or exit pressure, at a given flow rate enables the stream to achieve sufficient reach and penetration.

To illustrate this concept, imagine restricting the opening of a garden hose with your thumb. As you narrow the escape path for the water, pressure builds up, resulting in the water spraying from the opening with increased force and reach.

Garden Hose - Demonstrating the Parallels to a Smooth Bore Nozzle from TFT

The smooth bore nozzle employs a similar principle to build pressure and enhance the reach and penetration of the water stream at an appropriate firefighting flow rate.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Smooth Bore Nozzles:
Every type of nozzle has its own set of advantages and disadvantages. Here are some key pros and cons associated with using smooth bore nozzles:


  • Simple design of solid stream nozzles.
  • Ability to achieve good flow, reach, and penetration even with lower pump pressures.
  • Elimination of accidental movement into a fog pattern due to the absence of selection dials.


  • Lack of a fog or broken pattern option; gating the nozzle to achieve a broken pattern decreases flow rate.
  • Susceptibility to over- or under-pumping, affecting reach and nozzle reaction.
  • Water stream quality is influenced by the waterway and exit orifice; any damage or scratches can cause turbulence and compromise stream quality.
  • Inability to switch to a higher GPM option without shutting down the line and replacing the tip.

The Perpetual Use of Smooth Bore Nozzles in the Fire Service:
Smooth bore nozzles maintain their relevance in firefighting due to their reputation for simplicity and effectiveness. With no moving parts, they are renowned for their reliability, ease of use, and minimal maintenance requirements. Additionally, with proper use and care, they can endure for many years, making them a valuable asset in the fire service, where durability is paramount.

This isn't to suggest that other nozzle types are less effective or unreliable. Often, the preference for a particular nozzle style stems from a firefighter's training and personal experiences. While some firefighters lean towards smooth bores, others opt for selectable, fixed GPM, or automatic nozzles.

Is a Smooth Bore Nozzle Right for You?
The decision to use a smooth bore nozzle ultimately rests with you and your firefighting crew. Each firefighter has their own nozzle preferences, and the best way to determine yours is by testing different options, training with them, and staying updated with the latest research and advancements. It's crucial to consider the types of fires you typically encounter on the fire ground. You may find a preference for smooth bores in certain scenarios and another style in different situations.

It's essential to note that your water supply circumstances can impact the success of using a smooth bore. Predictable, consistent water supplies are advantageous for maximizing the reach and stream quality with a smooth bore nozzle.