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Decontamination - Make Cleaning Your MSA G1 SCBA More Efficient!

Everyone in the fire service acknowledges the potential risks associated with dirty or contaminated protective gear. Contaminated gear can expose firefighters to toxic substances, so ensuring that your personal protective equipment is decontaminated after every call, plays a crucial role in maintaining your firefighters safety.

NFPA 1851 recommends the user to evaluate PPE after each use to determine the appropriate cleaning level. This includes instructions for cleaning at the scene and an advanced cleaning at least once a year or whenever on-scene cleaning is not sufficient.

MSA G1 Soft Goods Kits makes decontamination of your G1 SCBA easy and efficient!

With the MSA G1 SCBA, the soft goods can be easily removed for enhanced cleaning protocols, to help support head to toe health. In addition, G1 Soft Goods Kits are available separately, to serve as a second set to help reduce out-of-service time and extend the life of your SCBA’s soft good components. This second set can help make a department's standard operating procedures for cleaning and maintenance more robust. The G1 Soft Goods Kit includes replacement lumbar pad, shoulder straps, and facepiece head harness. For more information on how to clean your SCBA, click the button below to download the MSA SCBA cleaning guide.