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Transformer Electric Vehicle Nozzle System

Attacking fires in attics, void spaces, or under an electric vehicle can be difficult. Your crew deserves a solution that makes the process easier and more efficient without bulky equipment.

The Transformer Electric Vehicle Nozzle System is designed to help you effectively cool and mitigate a battery compartment fire on the underside of an electric vehicle.

What’s Included in the EV Kit? 

  • Three port junction block (this is a mini manifold that allows the installation of the distributor nozzle) 
  • Distributor nozzle (also known as a Bresnan nozzle or cellar nozzle)
  • Four 19” (.5 meter) extension tubes
  • Twist-grip shutoff valve
  • Heavy-duty carrying bag with compartments 

TFT built this kit to help your crew to be safe and effective during an electric vehicle fire. While researching, TFT found that there is one consistency in the published information on NFPA's Emergency Response Guides for electric vehicle fire’s - Which is the use of large amounts of water to cool and mitigate the fire.  

Using this information, TFT adapted their piercing nozzle system to include a distributor nozzle instead, as they found that piercing the battery compartment will cause further mechanical damage and may encourage thermal runaway, which would worsen the problem substantially.

The adaptation of the piercing nozzle system includes a distributor nozzle, replacing the piercing nozzle, but includes extra extension tubes , to distance your crew from the actual fire.

Transformer Piercing Nozzle System:

The piercing nozzle system allows you to deliver water to inaccessible void spaces, such as an attic or knee wall. The piercing nozzle has a series of jets near the piercing point to apply a wide-reaching pattern.

Different kits are available that include optional accessories, including a distributor nozzle (cellar nozzle) or pistol grip.

TFT Transformer Nozzle (PA3) TFT Transformer Nozzle Kit (PA3)

PA1 Includes: 

  • Hardened steel piercing point
  • Two 19” (.5 m) extension tubes
  • Twist-grip shutoff valve
  • 3 port junction block
  • Removable striking head
  • Heavy-duty carrying bag with compartments

PA2 includes everything from PA1 plus: 

  • Pistol grip
  • Distributor Nozzle
  • Distributor nozzle adapter

Configurable to Your Needs: Each kit is engineered so that attachments can be added or removed to meet your needs on the fire ground. This allows you and your crew to respond to the unique scenario you face.

Looking for current information on electric vehicle firefighting? Read TFT's article here!