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NEW Survivor X Flashlights by Streamlight

Introducing the all-new Survivor X Flashlight from Streamlight, the perfect upgrade to the already impressive Survivor Flashlight. With a 30% brighter high mode with 250 lumens, the Survivor X flashlight ensures maximum visibility in any situation. Its 20% longer runtime on high alkaline and Li-Ion battery (5 hours) make it lighter and deliver improved performance.

The Survivor X Flashlight also boasts an improved charge base that better secures the light during charging, and a charger indicator that turns green when fully charged, eliminating the flashing charge indicators. Additionally, it comes with a 3AA battery option with better performance, improved runtime, and 25% lower operating costs.
Streamlight Survivor X Bank ChargerStreamlight Survivor X Hand Held LightStreamlight Survivor X Battery Carrier

Frequently Asked Questions:

Will the Survivor X Rechargeable work in the previous generation Survivor chargers?

The Survivor X will not charge in the previous generation Survivor chargers, although the Survivor X rechargeable charger WILL work with the previous generation Survivors – BUT it will take 3x longer to charge in the new charger.

Does the Survivor X rechargeable come with the Alkaline/SL-B26 battery carrier?

The Survivor X Rechargeable Flashlight does not come with the Alkaline/SL-B26 battery carrier.

Has the safety rating of the Survivor X changed from the previous generation Survivor?

The Survivor X is rated Class I Div. 1 with the Li-ion and AA Alkaline batteries, Class I Div. 2 with the SL-B26 battery. The light stays the same, but the battery change impacts the safety rating.

Why is my Survivor X USB Flashlight not charging?

The Survivor X USB with the SL-B26 battery will not charge in the charge base, the battery must be removed to charge it.

If you have any other questions about the Survivor X Flashlight, view the product sheet below, or feel free to contact me at one of the methods listed at the end of this email!

DOWNLOAD Survivor X Product Sheet Here!