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Powering Your MSA G1 SCBA: Why Rechargeable Batteries Are Your Best Option!

Discover the power of positive environmental impact by switching your MSA G1 SCBA batteries from alkaline to rechargeables!

Both rechargeable and disposable battery manufacturing processes require water, energy and releases greenhouse gases into the atmosphere. But the extended lifespan of rechargeable batteries offsets the toll they have on the environment. Fifty recharges of your rechargeable batteries are proven to significantly help its overall environmental impact.

In addition, you are keeping all those batteries out of landfills. Every year an estimated three billion batteries are thrown out with the trash and sit in landfills. If everyone switched to rechargeable and got the standard 350+ charges on the battery before they are replaced, that number would be reduced to less than 100 million batteries thrown out annually.

In addition to environmental responsibility, the MSA G1 SCBA rechargeable batteries offer you a better power source. They deliver the same level of power from 100% charge to 1% thanks to how they are engineered. In addition, they are considerably lighter than alkaline batteries and will power your pack for roughly 7x longer than alkaline.
MSA G1 SCBA Rechargeable Battery

MSA G1 SCBA Rechargeable Battery
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MSA G1 SCBA Rechargeable Bank Charger

MSA G1 SCBA Rechargeable Battery Charging Station
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While rechargeable batteries may have a higher upfront cost, the production and transportation of single-use batteries consume a significant amount of energy. Rechargeable batteries require fewer resources over their lifespan, making them a greener choice.

The MSA G1 SCBA rechargeable batteries are easy to recharge with a simple bank charger. This compact charging station holds up to six batteries and can provide a full charge in just 6 hours, making it convenient to keep your devices powered up without the need for frequent battery replacements.