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MSA G1 SCBA with Bluetooth Technology

Clear communication can be key in emergency situations. The MSA G1 SCBA with integrated Bluetooth and voice amplification that comes standard with the G1 provides clarity when you need it, without adding hardware – and weight – to the facepiece.

By simply pairing your MSA G1 SCBA with your Bluetooth compatible radio , all keyed on-air communication is transmitted wirelessly from your SCBA through your radio to incident command. The G1’s Bluetooth module uses audio and data channels to communicate with popular radios including Motorola APX, BK Technologies, Harris, and Kenwood, as well as MSA ALTAIR 5X Detectors with PID.
MSA G1 SCBA, Facepiece and Motorola Bluetooth Radio
• Bluetooth-enabled Radio
• MSA A2 Software
• MSA RFID Reader/Writer
• MSA Radio RFID Tag

MSA’s top priority is to provide clear communication while on scene. Using dual microphones built within the MSA G1 Regulator, the system recognizes and eliminates all background noise, allowing for crystal clear communication within the loudest of environments. When the low pressure warning device is activated and the user is in full alarm, voice communication is the only sound transmitted. This integrated solution provides ideal fire ground communications from firefighter to incident command.

If you have any further questions about the MSA G1 Bluetooth connectivity do not hesitate to reach out, or visit our website for more information on the connected firefighter platform!