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Altair 4XR: Care and Use

Altair 4XR Multi-Gas Detector Guide

Charging the Altair 4XR

  • Remove the Altair 4XR from the multi-unit charger.
  • Green light indicates a fully charged device.
  • Red light shows that charging is in progress.
  • Briefly press the on/off button to switch on the instrument.
  • The Altair 4XR will perform a self-test:
    • All display segments will activate briefly.
    • Acoustic, vibration alarms, and LED signals will be tested.
  • The display will show:
    • Manufacturer's name
    • Product name
    • Software version
    • Bluetooth information
    • Running sensor discovery
    • Type of combustible gas being detected with measurement units
    • Measurement units chosen for toxic gas
    • Alarm set points for low and high alarms
    • Short-term exposure limit
    • Workplace exposure limit
    • Calibration values
    • Current time and date
    • Date of the last calibration (if not deactivated) and due time in days for calibration (if activated).
  • When "FAS" is displayed flashing, perform the fresh air setup by pressing the on/off button briefly.

Important: Do not activate the fresh air setup unless you are certain you are in an environment with fresh, uncontaminated air, otherwise inaccurate readings can occur.

Shutdown Procedure

  • To shut down the instrument, press and hold the on/off button until "OFF" appears on the screen.
  • Release the button, and the Altair 4XR will shut down.

Daily Bump Testing

  • Insert the switched-on Altair 4XR into the Galaxy GX2 automatic test station to perform the daily bump test.
  • The test normally takes approximately 40 seconds.
  • A successful bump test will be indicated on the Galaxy GX2 display.
  • Remove the Altair 4XR from the test station.
  • The instrument's display will show a check mark for the next 24 hours after successful bump testing.
  • The Altair 4XR is now ready to use.

Note: The Galaxy GX2 will inform you if the bump test and subsequent calibration are not successful. Take out the Altair 4XR if this occurs. The multi-gas detector will not be ready to use and will require an inspection.

Low Battery Warning

  • When the Altair 4XR enters low battery warning, the battery life indicator flashes, alarms sound, and alarm LEDs flash.
  • The display shows "LOW BAT".
  • Leave the area immediately as the end of battery life is approaching.

Bluetooth Communication

  • Bluetooth communication must be enabled to operate with the mobile device and installed Altair Connect app.
  • The instrument will automatically enter discovery mode for five minutes after the device startup sequence.
  • To manually enter discovery mode:
    • Page down through the menu pages in normal operation mode using the arrow button until the discovery mode page is displayed.
    • Press the up arrow button until the display shows "DISCOVERY YES".
    • Press the on/off button to enter discovery mode.
    • The blue LED will blink rapidly, indicating that the device is in discovery mode.

Connecting to Altair Connect App

  • Start the Altair Connect app and press "Search for Instruments" on the device.
  • Tap the "Pair" button for the displayed instrument.
  • Both the instrument and device will display a matching unique six-digit security code.
  • Confirm the pairing request on both the device and the Altair 4XR by pressing the arrow down button.
  • The Altair 4XR also has an integrated RFID chip for faster Bluetooth pairing.
  • If you have successfully established a Bluetooth connection, the Altair Connect app will display the instrument readings, and the blue LED on the instrument will flash slowly.

Safety IO Grid Live Monitor Subscribers: You will see the gas readings and location details of the connected user.

Disconnecting from the App

  • To disconnect the instrument from the app, tap the three dots in the upper right corner of the device and tap "Disconnect".