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Success Story: Middlesex Fire Services - MSA ALTAIR® Detectors and Grid Services

“The primary driver in moving to the MSA monitoring system was an incident that took place where our past monitoring solution was unable to detect the explosive atmosphere. We were called out one day about a gas leak. Upon entering, we got a strong smell of natural gas. The crew went in with the gas detector and got zero readings, so we exited the building. We called the local utility company. When they came out with their detector, they determined that we had gone through the explosive range for natural gas, and we were above it. Our old detectors had failed. We were lucky that day. It could have turned tragic very quickly.” – Colin Toth (Fire Chief – Middlesex Centre Fire Services)

“MSA detection systems and monitoring systems are known in the industry as one of the most reliable, rugged, and competent systems. With the new MSA detectors, they're user-friendly, easy to understand, the display screen is much bigger, the numbers are clearer. It takes away the human error aspect of it. We turn the machine on, we place it in the docking station, it runs the test, and all the information is uploaded to the Fleet Manager system. The Fleet Manager software is one of a kind. It allows us to check the sensors and to ensure that they're within their lifespan. If there are any issues with calibration or bump testing, if there are issues with the gas, it'll automatically contact our supplier and order more.” – Mike Brennan (Assistant Chief - Middlesex Centre Fire Services)

It also allows us to pull data to provide to outside agencies in the event of an emergency. The Fleet Manager service really gives us access to the data, the raw data to provide a safer monitoring system. Of all the different companies that we tried and demoed their units, MSA, in our opinion, was far superior. They're a very well-built product. They're tough and, most importantly, they are very reliable. My firefighters are safe, and they have a competent, reliable monitoring system when they go into a hazardous environment. – Colin Toth (Fire Chief – Middlesex Centre Fire Services)