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Ziamatic Holders & Mounts

SKU: 5005-300-000

Holder & mounting solutions for fire fighting equipment from Ziamatic


Helmet Holder

  • Safely holds traditional, contemporary, and wild-land style helmets and may be mounted either horizontally or vertically. To secure, place the helmet against the mount, pull the strap up and over the crown, and then hook the strap’s “D” Ring to the mount. Removing the helmet is as simple as unhooking the “D” Ring and sliding the strap back down.
  • Large Ratcheting Assemblies Helmet Holder: Ideal for helmets with larger ratcheting assemblies, the knob used to tighten or loosen the fit, that protrude below the helmet itself.

Ceiling & Wall Took Holder Mount

  • Secures one Ceiling & Wall Hook head. Powder-coated cast aluminum plate is pre-drilled for easy mounting.

Reciprocating Saw Holder Mount

  • This aluminum bracket can be mounted either horizontally or vertically. The saw is held securely in place with a quick-release strap.