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TFT Hurricane Monitor Aluminum


The Task Force Tips' Hurricane is a durable, industrial, high-capacity fixed monitor. The Hurricane has high flow and low friction loss characteristics. The red powder coat finish (inside and out), and stainless steel elevation drive make the Hurricane one appliance that can stand up to tough service environments.

The Hurricane is capable of flowing 1250 gpm (4750 l/min) while maintaining a FULL 360° rotational ability. The lever-action rotational lock is activated in one motion, visually confirmed, and securely holds the Hurricane in position. A built-in automatic drain protects the monitor from freezing. The placement of grease zerks allows the Hurricane monitor to be quickly and easily serviced and lubricated, and a threaded port 0.25" NPT (6 mm) is provided for a pressure gauge. The Hurricane is made from hard anodized ANSI A356-T6 aluminum. The Hurricane industrial monitor comes with our exclusive 5-year warranty.