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SafeTSystem SCBA Bottle Holder Carriers


OnScene Solutions SafeTSystem’s SCBA bottle holders allow a single firefighter to carry four compressed cylinders at one time for safe, efficient transport. The T handle locks the cylinders into the holder carrier, as well as the truck compartment, mobile cart or station rack, providing safe, secured SCBA storage.


  • T handle of the holder/carrier locks the cylinders into the device plus locks the device into the Truck Compartment, Station Storage Rack or Mobile Cart providing Safe and Secure Fixed Storage
  • A quarter turn in either direction of the T Handle allows an individual cylinder to be removed or the complete 2 cylinder Holder/Carrier to be removed from compartment or rack for manually transporting cylinders to and from staging areas and/or refill sites
  • Helps prevent the very real possibility of dropping a high pressure vessel
  • Safe T System Holder/Carriers eliminates the unacceptable practice of carrying cylinders by the valve handle or valve assembly
  • One firefighter can now safely carry four cylinders allowing the ability to get more cylinders to the scene faster, with less effort, and with less personnel
  • No more lost time transferring cylinders from apparatus storage device to transporting device
  • Provides a more organized and secure staging area - no more stacking cylinders
  • Reduces firefighter injuries, both minor strains to serious injury or death due to previous mishandling practices.
  • Protects expensive equipment preventing early replacement costs
  • Reduced cylinder maintenance costs

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