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MSA Cairns® XF1 Ocular Visor Assembly

SKU: GA1087C

The optional ocular visor provides additional eye protection that is easy to deploy. Patented pivot adjustment system allows the visor to articulate to and away from the face, helping to provide gap-free protection even when the user is wearing corrective lenses.



  • Visor is easy and quick to remove too clean or replace with no tools. Great secondary eye protection when a full-face protection is not needed.
  • Protective anti-scratch coating helps ensure extended lifetime.

  • Unique wide field of view in all directions.

  • Compliant to ANSI/ISEA Z87.1:2015 as an impact protector— similar to safety eyewear typically worn by firefighters for nonstructural fire responses such as motor vehicle accidents.

  • Adding the ocular visor does not affect compliance with NFPA-1971 or NFPA-1951.

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