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MSA Advantage® 290 Elastomeric Twin Respirator

SKU: 10217165

The MSA Advantage® 290 Elastomeric Half-Mask Respirator provides healthcare professionals with an innovative and secure respiratory solution.

With the elimination of an exhalation valve, the Advantage 290 Elastomeric Respirator achieves source control by filtering exhaled breath to help reduce the likelihood of contaminating the surrounding area. It also enables user protection up to P100 level and is designed for easy cleaning and decontamination. For the healthcare industry, the MSA Advantage 290 Elastomeric Respirator offers a cost-effective and eco-friendly alternative over disposable filtering facepiece respirators.  First NIOSH approved half mask respirator without exhalation valve.

  • USER PROTECTION & SOURCE CONTROL - Up to P100 level user protection available. The elimination of the exhalation valve provides filtration of exhaled breath.
  • LOWER TOTAL COST OF OWNERSHIP - A comparative cost analysis1 found reusable elastomeric half-face repirators to be less costly to stockpile than disposable masks.
  • EASY CLEANING & MAINTENANCE - With only three key components, cleaning and sanitizing masks is simplified. A reusable mask reduces waste compared to filtering facepiece respirators.
  • REDUCTION OF STORAGE SPACE - Reusable elastomeric respirators may occupy a fraction of the storage space needed for stockpiling disposable N95 respirators.

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