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Meiko TopClean D Decontamination Unit


TopClean D decontaminates & cleans breathing apparatus equipment thoroughly, providing the same high level of protection every time to reduce additional exposure too carcinogens. These specialized washers use temperature, time & chemo-mechanical action that helps protect firefighters from residual fire-related toxins.
MEIKO’s DECON Series equipment washers have been qualified by MSA to clean MSA G1 SCBA.


  • MEIKO GiO MODULE - Technology that provides the purest water possible
  • MEIKO’s reverse osmosis (RO) system components - includes 10 μm integrated fine filter and active integrated charcoal filter
  • Best-in-Class cleaning results - Longer maintenance intervals - Enhanced equipment safety and reliability
  • Regulators can be pressurized with breathing air throughout the entire cleaning cycle - ensures that no moisture penetrates during the cleaning process
  • With ActivePlus, the tank water is filtered multiple times throughout the wash cycle, and dirt is actively eliminated from the tank as the filter is back-flushed at specific intervals

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