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Husqvarna 12" FR3 Metal Cutting Fire Rescue Saw Blade

$000 $22500
SKU: 542777197

The FR3 diamond blade cuts metal, concrete and brick/block. Specially recommended when free cutting of any material is a critical requirement. Developed specifically for rescue work. For use by trained operators only. A layer of vacuum brazed diamonds give the blade an outstanding cutting performance, and is suitable for cutting most materials likely to be encountered in an emergency situation.


  • Cuts concrete, brick, block, cast iron, masonry, stone, steel, brick, rubber, wood, metal, fiber board, PVC-pipe, rebar, iron, plexi-glass)
  • Segment height of .4" gives increased blade life.
  • Laser welded segments, width 0.125
  • 0.3" diamond depth
  • Arbor 1" or 20mm bushing
  • Wet/Dry