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BullDog Firepower II™ Double-Jacketed Attack Fire Hose

SKU: 013105-7AL

For more customizable hose options please contact your rep.
Firepower II™ is a double-jacket lay-flat attack fire hose made with a high-tech nylon-polyester outer jacket; providing the durability and flow that make it an invaluable firefighting tool. Price for quantity of 1 - Volume discounts available

Firepower™ II is an interior attack fire hose with the performance needed for the aggressive tactics employed by firefighters of today. Firepower II is a responsive, alert feeling attack hose with unmatched flexibility and kink resistance. Unlike other conventional attack hoses, Firepower II gives unprecedented superior performance and reduces strain on firefighters, even in the tightest and most demanding environments.

  • Kink resistant
  • Heat resistant
  • Minimal water absorption and drying time
  • ULC Listed
  • Factory or field installed couplings
  • Ozone resistant
  • UNBEATABLE AND REVOLUTIONARY ANTI-KINK PERFORMANCE - Passes 34", 24" and 18", doorway kink test. Loops to 11" before kink ensuring no line failure or loss of flow in the tightest of environments, even at 100 PSI line pressure
  • EXTRAORDINARY ABRASION RESISTANCE - Our innovative ARMOUR JACKET coating demonstrates virtually no sign of wear when subjected to the standard FM & UL Abrasion test. Firepower II is available with this new coating in yellow, red, orange, blue, green and tan
  • SIGNIFICANTLY REDUCED DRAG RESISTANCE - Measurably less drag resistance over other conventional hose causing less strain on users
  • SUPERB WATER RESISTANT JACKET - Our innovative ARMOUR JACKET coating and uniquely woven jacket drastically reduces water pickup over conventional hose; therefore significantly reducing overall weight of a hose line in use. Special coating provides enhanced protection from chemicals
  • OUTSTANDING HEAT RESISTANCE - Six times more heat resistance over other conventional hoses when subjected to the Bulldog Constant Load Heat Test. Through-the-weave rubber inner liners withstand very high temperatures. TPU liners will fail long before rubber liners when subjected to direct heat
  • SPECIALIZED CONSTRUCTION & PHYSICAL CHARACTERISTICS - Through-the-weave rubber liner providing incredible puncture resistance, ultimate resistance to heat and maintains low friction loss performance. Uniquely woven synthetic outer jacket providing tough abrasion resistance, low drag resistance and incredible anti-kink performance. Light weight hose makes it easy to use and very easy to roll with an extremely compact rolled coil diameter. Provides outstanding performance for CAFS operations

Technical Specs

Size Pressure
Service Proof Burst
Bowl Size Weight
Coil Diameter
inch mm psi kpa psi kpa psi kpa inch lbs kg inch mm
1-3/4 45 500 3500 1000 7000 1500 10500 2-1/8 18 8.1 16.5 419
2 50 500 3500 1000 7000 1500 10500 2-3/8 20 9.1 17.5 445
2-1/2 65 500 3500 1000 7000 1500 10500 2-7/8 23 10.4 18.5 470