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Five (5) Day Trench Rescue Technician (NFPA 1006) Course

Paratech Trench Rescue Shoring

Are you, or your firefighters in your department looking for enhanced skills, training and knowledge in trench rescue operations?
Mike Tesarski, a subject matter expert for Trench Rescue and Heavy Rigging for Rescue, is instructing a five-day, hands-on training course, as a Trench Rescue Technician (NFPA 1006) from June 5th to June 9th , 2023 at the Southwest Fire Academy in Waubaushene, Ontario. 
This comprehensive courses offers curriculum covering the latest information and techniques in trench rescue.  Students are trained and qualified to NFPA 1006 (2021) Trench Rescue Awareness, Operations, and Technician Levels (Chapter 12). The course exceeds the requirements outlined in NFPA 1006(21) and NFPA 2500(21).  You must be a current municipal firefighter to register for this course.
Successful students will receive a certificate of qualification and completed Job Performance Requirements. 

Some of the hands-on skills this course provides includes:

  • Shoring techniques for complex trenches with collapses.
  • Technician teams and assignments.
  • Deep trench operations (10-15 feet).
  • Adjusting strut pressures for conditions.
  • Rigging for lifting and rescue.
  • Stabilizing and lifting.
  • Coordination use of heavy equipment.
  • Proper equipment inventory and limitations of all equipment used.

Mike Tesarski

Instructor Mike Tesarski Profile:

With 20 years of experience in operational rescue and command, Mike Tesarski is currently a captain on his city's rescue department and a part-time critical care helicopter flight paramedic in Toronto. He has worked in many complex and prolonged rescue incidents, such as heavy vehicle, trench collapse, and machine entrapment. Mike is also a respected contributor and auditor for Jones and Bartlett's Trench Rescue textbook 4th edition. He is endorsed by Paratech, an industry leading provider of technical rescue equipment designed to assist firefighters and first responders in emergency situations.

The cost of this course is $1,395 plus applicable taxes. The course schedule is from 8:30am to 4:30pm on all five days.

Students will experience training sessions and run scenarios based on actual calls that instructors have experienced. This course is available to current fire service personnel only.

All training is conducted safely in accordance with Section 21 Guidance Notes, NFPA Standards for Increased Hazard Exposure Training, and experienced instructors with a 5:1 student to instructor ratio. There will also be an Independent Safety Officer.

Not only will this ensure a safe training experience, but it also allows students to work through stations, ensuring actual hands-on training. This is a great opportunity to enhance your fire department skills and knowledge.

For more information, or to register, visit www.southwestfireacademy.ca/programs/trench-rescue-technician-nfpa-1006/

You can also contact Southwest Fire Academy at (705)-510-9501 or by email to registration@fire-academy.ca.