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Enhancing EV Safety for First Responders: Introducing the Emergency Plug

In the world of electric vehicles, safety for first responders during emergencies or maintenance procedures is paramount. That's why we're thrilled to introduce the Emergency Plug®, a groundbreaking solution designed to swiftly create a secure working environment for total and hybrid electric vehicles. 

Emergency EV Car Plug
Preventing Unintended Movement: Safeguard against an EV driving away unexpectedly under its own propulsion, ensuring a secure environment for responders.

Visual Feedback for Connection: Receive clear color feedback confirming the Emergency Plug's connection with the EV, indicating a secure setup.

Safety Without High Voltage Contact: Maintain safety protocols without any contact with high voltage, prioritizing the well-being of technicians and responders.

Reduced Time in Hazardous Environments: Eliminate or significantly reduce the time spent in dangerous working environments, prioritizing safety and efficiency.

Universal Compatibility: Fits into every socket worldwide, ensuring adaptability across various regions and EV types.

Flexibility and Operation: Easily plugged in or unplugged at any time, keeping all electric systems operational, from windows to lights.

Versatile Use: Suitable for light cars, heavy trucks, and buses, catering to the diverse landscape of EVs.

Tailored for First Responders and Technicians: Specifically developed to meet the needs of all first responders and technicians, ensuring their safety during every encounter with an electric vehicle.