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Product Spotlight: Enforcer 60 CAFs System

Introducing the Enforcer 60, a powerhouse in portable firefighting technology. With its wheeled or SKID mounted design and a substantial 60-gallon foam solution capacity, the Enforcer 60 is built to tackle the toughest of challenges. Generating up to 1200 U.S. gallons of finished foam, this system ensures comprehensive coverage, adhering to both horizontal and vertical surfaces to create a crucial vapor barrier between fuel and air.

Featuring an impressive discharge distance of up to 95 feet, the Enforcer 60 provides operators with ample distance from the fire or hazard, prioritizing safety without compromising on performance. Engineered to excel with FIREBULL Fluorine Free Foam, Enforcer guarantees optimal results in every firefighting scenario.

Designed for ease of use and durability, Enforcer products are meticulously crafted to minimize vulnerabilities to critical components. With the Enforcer 60, versatility is key—it easily transforms into a stationary system, adapting seamlessly to various risk areas and firefighting needs.

Trust the Enforcer 60 as your go-to solution for versatile and effective firefighting capabilities. Whether wheeled or stationary, this portable CAFS system delivers unparalleled performance when it matters most.


  • Pressure Vessel Construction Stainless Steel to ASME Code or Aluminum to SAE-J10 Code
  • Pressure Vessel Dimensions 20”x48”
  • Fill Tower 1 ½”
  • System Hoses 3000psi Hard Rubber Hose
  • Plumbing All Stainless Steel With Brass Fill Cap
  • Discharge Hose 1” Lay Flat Hose 50’ long
  • Hose Storage Hose Tray
  • Propellant Type Nitrogen or Compressed Air
  • Propellant Cylinder Capacity Two 90 Cubic Foot Cylinders
  • Propellant Cylinder Brackets 8”sq tube slide compartments on Slide
  • Discharge Nozzle 1” Pistol Grip
  • Discharge Nozzle Tip Power Tip Technology
  • Wheels 15.5” Flat Free Wheels
  • Available with Hose Reel


  • Pressure Vessel Capacity 60 U.S Gallons
  • Finished Foam Capacity Up to 1200 U.S. Gallons Finished Foam
  • Throw Distance Up to 95 Feet
  • Discharge Duration Up to 6 Minutes


  • Industry
  • Fire Departments
  • Agriculture
  • Business and Home Owners

Physical Properties

  • Height  38.5”
  • Depth   42”
  • Length 54.5”
  • Empty Weight   485 Pounds
  • Loaded Weight 985 Pounds