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The MSA G1 SCBA is designed with technology to drive firefighting into the future. Bluetooth, RFID, Near Field Communications(NFC), and long-range radio capabilities allow for fast and easy integration of current and future technologies. The G1 is the first SCBA with a Rechargeable Battery, Motorola Radio Bluetooth Connection, and their latest advancement, an Integrated TIC.


  • Facepiece is lightweight and compact: no electronics needed
    • Open port design with cross contamination protection
    • Comfortable and easy to use, with low breathing resistance on and off air
  • Control module provides dual color LCD and analog displays
    • Display automatically turns on when control module is lifted into viewing position
    • Large print makes display easy to read
    • Provides more data and functionality than ever before
    • No matter which button is pressed, necessary information displays
  • Improved visibility through buddy lights and reflective material
    • 4 buddy lights
    • 2 control module lights
    • Regulator light
  • Heads up display (HUD) shows remaining cylinder pressure in 4 increments via colored LED's
    • Clear and easy to understand and interpret provided information
  • Electronic communications are integrated into every unit
    • Loud, clear communication
    • Removes inhalation breathing noise
  • G1 SCBA ergonomics
    • Swiveling, adjustable lumbar pad manages SCBA weight
    • Improved comfort, balance, fit
  • Central power system for all electronics
    • Only one power source
    • Uses either alkaline or rechargeable battery
    • No need for multiple battery sizes
    • Low cost of ownership
  • Available in easily-upgradeable threaded or quick-connect cylinder attachment
    • Quick attachment and replacement for return to the fireground
  • Integrated technology for future expansion
    • Bluetooth, RFID, Near Field Communication (NFC), long-range radio
  • Customizable - Built to meet your specific needs
    • Control module and HUD display required information; easily adapt to your existing standard operating procedure
    • Wires/hoses can be routed as necessary

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MSA and A.J. Stone strive to provide more emergency response products and solutions to exceed your expectations and requirements. We support firefighters and recognize your role as the front line of protecting others. We are constantly improving products that you have come to rely upon as the best in the industry, to make your job safer and easier. For your protection, you can count on MSA and A.J. Stone for the most technologically advanced products, and for the best support and training assistance.

Read below for a breakdown of the latest technology included in the MSA G1 SCBA.

G1 Facepiece

Open port design with cross-contamination protection makes the G1 SCBA facepiece very comfortable and easy to use. 

Zero electronics within the facepiece helps to reduce weight as well as reduce snag hazards and cost. This design means that you no longer have to buy HUDs for each facepiece, reducing costs and maintenance.

G1 Integrated Thermal Imaging Camera (iTic) 

The integrated thermal imaging camera (iTic) allows firefighters to see within dark smoke-filled environments. With 5 user-selectable palettes and 10+ additional programmable colour palettes, the iTic is compatible with all G1 SCBA’s with a simple field upgrade.

G1 Voice Amp

Every MSA G1 SCBA is equipped with electronic voice amplification. Dual microphones integrated into the regulator eliminate background and inhalation noise, helping your commands to be heard. This unique feature automatically activates and shuts down with the unit.

Shoulder strap-mounted speaker module provides loud and clear communications from the regulator microphone while maintaining low profile to aid in reducing snag points.

MSA has introduced an industry first, SCBA to two-way radio voice communication system via Bluetooth technology.

By pairing your MSA G1 SCBA with your department radios* via Bluetooth, all keyed on-air communication is transmitted wirelessly from your SCBA through your radio to incident command.

G1 Ergonomics

The MSA G1 SCBA is the only SCBA on the market that offers harness customization to ensure improved comfort, balance and fit. 

By providing an adjustable lumbar pad, you can have a tailored unit with up/down and pivot capabilities that can actually move with you. Widened, adjustable shoulder straps enhance weight distribution and comfort.

G1 Central Power

With only one centralized power source, you can use either alkaline or an industry-first MSA rechargeable battery.

MSA has taken SCBA protection to a whole new level — With an SCBA that doesn’t require multiple battery sizes, There is no need to manage battery types, compartments and change-outs, resulting in lower cost of ownership.

G1 SCBA Cleaning Guide

The entire fire service industry recognizes that soiled or contaminated protective gear can expose firefighters to toxic substances, spread communicable disease, absorb heat, conduct electricity, and can be flammable. In short, clean PPE can help keep you safe.

NFPA 1851 recommends the user to evaluate PPE after each use to determine the appropriate cleaning level. This includes instructions for cleaning at the scene and an advanced cleaning at least once a year or whenever on-scene cleaning is not sufficient. Here are seven steps to assist in cleaning your SCBA.

MSA G1 SCBA: Care & Use

Need to know more about the care and use of your MSA G1 SCBA? Check out this video!

MSA G1 SCBA: Safety Features

When we designed the MSA G1 SCBA, we worked closely with firefighters to create an SCBA with increased safety and situational awareness.

How It's Made: The MSA G1 SCBA

MSA's dedication to safety and innovation comes alive in the creation and assembly of the G1 SCBA. Watch this video to see how the G1 SCBA is made