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Paratech Acme Thread Strut Driver

SKU: 22-796200

Maximum functionality for vehicle stabilization, while maintaining the ability for structural collapse scenarios and trench shoring – with remote placement ability.


Medium duty strut lifting device integrated into our extremely strong and versatile AcmeThread Rescue Strut. Safe, Easy, Fast Lifting. 6,000 lbs (2,721 kg) lifting capacity. Limitless Functionality; Vehicle stabilization, Structural collapse scenarios, trench shoring, soft placement ability. Made from aircraft grade aluminum housings, alloy steel gears and hardened ball bearings, making lifting smooth and easy. Contoured gear box designed to resist dragging during vehicle lifts. Directional safety mechanism to insure strut will only travel in the direction it indicates. Available in two AcmeThread strut sizes. Includes Hex Ratchet Handle.

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