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MSA Cairns® XF1 Lighting Module

SKU: GA1484

Since the launch of the Cairns XF1 Fire Helmet, the integrated lighting module continues to provide a new level of lighting for firefighters.


The Integrated Lighting Module is upgraded with the following features:

  • Increased lighting output (120 lumens)
  • New boost mode in addition to standard mode
  • Improved shape of ON/OFF button

Compact Installation Inside the MSA Cairns XF1 Fire Helmet

  • Fully integrated inside the helmet to avoid creating snag hazards
  • Maintains the balance of the XF1 Fire Helmet with 1 LED Module on each side
  • Lightweight, compact, and serviceable
Upgraded Lighting Performance
  • Powerful and diffused lighting using latest LED technology
  • Provides lighting directly to where the firefighter needs it most
  • Beam orientation limits the chance of “blinding effect” found with other lighting solutions
Two Power Settings
  • Standard mode (25 lumens)
  • Boost mode (120 lumens)
Long Reserve Mode
  • Clear indicators for low battery
Intuitive ON/OFF Switch
  • Facilitates beam selection, even with a gloved hand

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